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10 Best Bluetooth Headphones 2020 ▷

The most important things at a glance:

  • high degree of freedom of movement
  • ideal as a companion for the smartphone
  • available in all conceivable designs
  • Quality of the battery depends on the type
  • generally stable music reception

Bluetooth headphones: What matters?

Headphones with wireless Bluetooth reception are a good choice on the go. While the smartphone is in your pocket, you can enjoy maximum freedom of movement, whether on the subway, on the bike, or while jogging. Models can be found in many price ranges and designs – but the most important criteria for a good rating are basically always the same: Sound, battery, quality of the Bluetooth module, and comfort.

The BL Under Armour Sport Wireless Train in head-#xF6;rer test Powerful bass and one of JBL’s best headphones: the Under Armour Sport Wireless Train

Sticking point sound quality: In-ear, on-ear, or over-ear?

Whether Bluetooth headphones sound clean and enough bass depends not so much on the type. As with cable headphones, the quality of the drivers and materials, as well as the design (closed or open), your personal preferences, and of course the price. The Bluetooth version (3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, etc.) is overestimated, and the coding AAC, aptx or aptX HD opinions diverge somewhat. According to experts, models that supported one of these procedures transfer Music virtually lossless and therefore better – one can argue, however, about how much this actually enhances the sound quality and whether this justifies the price premium.

Better battery equals more flexibility

The headphone type has more influence on the question of whether the battery lasts for a long time or is already sloppy after a shorter time. The reason is simple: the shells of an over- or on-ear headphones offer significantly more space for High-capacity batteries as the plugs of in-ear headphones. This means that especially proper sports headphones have disadvantages, especially if they are complete without cables (True Wireless). Sometimes they are running out of juice so quickly that training sessions over two or three hours are problematic. Means: If you have higher demands on the battery, you have to reach deeper into the pocket (from 150 euros) or you take a Model with neckband or strap. In the latter, the power often lasts five to six hours.


The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i in the Kopfhörer test Great sound quality, replaceable battery: the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i in the test

Reach as quality criteria? No big differences

How far you can move away from your smartphone before the Connection aborts or the Sound quality suffers is not so insanely different, regardless of type, model, or price. Often, ten meters as a reference – depending on the Bluetooth version, environment, or certain disruptive factors, it can sometimes be a little more or a little less. But honestly, how often do you move 20 or 30 meters from the music source? With the smartphone probably never, with other sources at least extremely rare, for example with a media player.

Wearing comfort in comparison: A question of taste

Finally, the wearing comfort of Bluetooth headphones is as usual Taste. While over-ear models are completely enclosed, on-ear models are only on the ear – both have advantages and disadvantages and are perceived differently. The same applies to the small in-ears, which directly pushed into the ear or ear canal Be. If the fit is correct here, users often find the whole thing light and pleasant, if it is not right, pressure points or even pain arise, at least with longer wearing time. Ultimately, like any other model, you should try a Bluetooth headphone and, if in doubt, send it back or exchange it.

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