6 Interior Design Ideas for Your Bedroom Décor: Trends in 2019

The bedroom has always been known as the place for sleep and relaxation, however, it is often the most overlooked room when it comes to thoughtful design or layout. With our busy lifestyles and fast-moving daily routines, we all need a place to call our “safe spot” or “quiet haven”. The bedroom serves just that purpose.

The trends in 2019 are moving back towards creating a space in your bedroom that is both functional and peaceful. One that reflects our need for peace and quiet yet our desire to do more. Since the bedroom is most often the only place in the house parents can get a reprieve from their children, it should be designed to adult specifications, not with cartoon-like colours and décor. Same for children’s bedrooms; they should be designed with children’s functional needs and interests in mind without being too cluttered or unorganized.

These 6 interior design ideas for your bedroom décor focus more towards an adult bedroom space and the trends that are being seen in 2019 for creating the perfect restful space with a mix of function and formality.

Choose Your Wall Colour Wisely


It goes without saying that colour choices can affect your moods and even your sleep patterns. There was a study conducted which examined the wall colours of 2000 homes and measured the amount of sleep the occupants were likely to get on average. It was concluded that blue was the most favourite colour for a restful night sleep. The study doesn’t define a specific shade of blue that works best, so there is some flexibility in the tone you wish to use, but with blue walls, you are more likely to average close to 8 hours of sleep per night.

If blue is not your favourite colour or you have nothing that matches, the other colour choices which still produce great sleep results are:

  • Yellow—known to help with relaxation and creating a comfortable, cosy environment
  • Green—gives a restful aura to your bedroom space
  • Silver—emulates moonlight and gives your bedroom a luxurious feel overall. Currently very trendy for 2019 including silver bedroom décor
  • Orange—the warmth of this colour gives you a cosy feeling while potentially helping with digestion. It is probably best to stick to lighter orange shades, however, since bright orange may keep your eye more alert and awake
  • Avoid browns, purples and greys since these colours tend to result in broken sleep, potential nightmares or at least dreams which are very vivid and non-restful sleep overall.

Custom Made Furniture

Not all bedrooms are created equally. Some are a rectangle, some are perfectly square. The one thing that is each has in common, however, is that there needs to be a couple of key furniture pieces. If you can, you could add several furniture items but even if you are on a budget, you could still enjoy the beauty of one or two custom made furniture pieces for your bedroom.

Custom made furniture allows you to have some input into what your pieces will look like and how they will best function for you and in your specific space. If you have a large floorplan, you have the option to use a good percentage on a custom-made bed, with an accent headboard. Depending upon your style and/or theme, you could choose certain textures or materials to be used in making your bed such as oak or mahogany or even steel.

Making Space for Daily Life

Although it is true that a bedroom should be a safe-haven from the hustle and bustle of the real world, it usually doesn’t happen that way. Many people find themselves finishing off a few last emails or invoices before unwinding in bed to watch some television or a movie. Sitting in bed with a laptop is always an option, but it can get stressful on your back, not to mention, your bed is a sanctuary not for work-related concerns.

If you have space available to utilize in your bedroom, it is a popular idea to create a small workstation. It doesn’t have to be a big elaborate office desk. A simple corner table with a small desk light and a chair of the proper height would work wonderfully. With adding these new furniture pieces, you have another opportunity to showcase your style or theme.

In bedrooms with limited space, you may opt for a wall-mounted fold-up table which can simply fold flat against the wall when not in use. These are very contemporary and functional. Alternatively, you could downsize your bed to a queen size if you currently have a king to save that much more space.

Televisions are very popular to have in bedrooms now to unwind before drifting off. A perfect solution to having a television in your room without using any square footage is a wall-mount bracket. They are generally easy to install and stable.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

It is not just important in the fashion world! Accessories can make your living space more unique, create the right atmosphere and showcase a little of your personality. When choosing accessories for your bedroom décor, don’t be afraid to step outside the box a little. Go for fun and funky, or bright and bold. These pieces are what often pull your theme or style together and not always “matchy”.

You can shop online for handmade, custom accessories on websites such as Etsy, where you will find some truly beautiful, unique décor items that will give you the “pop” you are looking for when designing your space. These could be throw pillows, floating shelves made from repurposed birch, one of a kind artworks and so much more. Just have some fun with it and make it your own.

Imperfection is Perfection

In 2019, the Japanese tradition of Wabi-Sabi has become a trendy concept for bedroom designs. In this practice, it is believed that nothing in life is perfect and that it is acceptable. This can be applied to your living space by having imperfect décors such as asymmetrical accent pieces, ageing wood, and even an unmade, crinkled up bed. The point is to express that imperfection is beautiful and is a part of life, like in the natural cycle of life with growth, decay and eventually death.

If having an unmade bed makes you cringe, you don’t have to go all the way with this trend. You can pick and choose some key points and ideas, such as using aged wood for your headboard and footboard, cracked or chipped vases and urns, frey-edged pillows and so much more. This trend is truly freeing since for so long we have strived for perfection in our designs. Wabi-Sabi allows more individualism and beauty in things we haven’t found to be beautiful in the past.

Luxurious Features and Add-in’s

Most people enjoy the luxuries found in hotel rooms or rented vacation homes but in the past, most people have felt these things weren’t attainable for their own home. In 2019, the trend is moving towards incorporating more luxurious finishes and add-ins to your bedroom space. Of course, most of these ideas are not absolutely “necessary” for the functioning and use of your bedroom space, however, they are nice to have and can be added to your room here and there as you wish.

Some of these luxurious ideas could include things like felt drawer liners, plush fabric-covered hangers in the closet and cashmere throw blankets. If you are more interested in technological trends, some luxurious items to have in your bedroom might include a touch-controlled system to use the lighting, television and any other device you wish to set up.

Even on a budget, you can treat yourself to a little luxury by adding in a leather bedside remote holder or a pull-out breakfast tray if you find yourself enjoying a snack or two while catching up on your favourite show in bed.

Go on and Get Trendy

Some people have a negative connotation associated with “trendy”, however, when it comes to bedroom design décor, the trendy ideas for 2019 are actually quite useful and functional. It is “OK” to be trendy!

Your bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation and solitude, which means you should design it to your own individual tastes and personality. Using some of the listed ideas, you can easily create the perfect (or imperfect!) place to hideaway at the end of the day for quiet and peace or to finish off a few last work details before you unwind and enjoy a few luxuries of your space.

What it comes down to, in 2019, is individualism and creating a design that is right for your lifestyle and budget. You can enjoy the current trends on most budgets simply by modifying the items you choose. Popular, trending designs don’t have to means blowing your bank account any more. Go ahead and jump in, get creative and use some of these popular designs and décor ideas for that bedroom you have been longing for.

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