11 Tips on Using Artificial Plants in Home Decor

Who doesn’t like to live in a fresh and lively home?

To give an amazingly dynamic touch to your abode, plants can play a significant role. With the right kind of colourful flowers kept in the various parts of your home, it will look stunning. For instance, if your living space seems to be comparatively cooler, impersonal or sterile, artificial plants can add a lot of value. Howbeit, home decor with such plants and blossoms might sound to be quite expensive.


Nevertheless, faux flowers, succulents, silk blooms etc. have recently changed the scenario. They are pretty cost-effective and provide instant frugal yet beautiful decoration. All that you need to do is just think in a creative way to do some appealing home-decor with them and simultaneously you will save huge.

How to do so?

Explore the following ideas:

Potted faux in the home’s entrance

If you want to spotlight the entrance of your home, you must lend vitality and charm to the front door. To do that, faux version can be one of the best options. As there is not enough space for the roots and stems of the real trees, it’s better to go for potted faux trees.

This style will finally end up giving your entryway an elegant look. Also, as they are not the actual trees, there is no chance of affecting the building’s foundation, plumbing etc.

Potted faux are quite affordable with an approximate price of around $15. So, you don’t have to break your banks at all.

Small succulents in the centre table

To add a bit of greenery to your living room is always ideal. The green colour is so vibrant and ideal that it can match with any kind of setting. If you keep small and succulent faux plants potted in tiny, white vases as the centre of attraction in your living area, it will give a welcoming feel.

Above that, it won’t cost you even huge for such a decoration. The small potted succulents are usually worth no more than just £15.

Accentuate the kitchen

To come up with natural plants for kitchen seems to be a not so smart idea. This part of your house is prone to a great amount of moisture and a lot of variation in temperature. Thus, if you want to add a natural look to your kitchen, the best idea will be artificial flowers and plants.

The deposition of oil will not cause any harm to them and they can be even cleaned quite easily. You can place a small and budget-friendly artificial indoor plant like Priyathams Bamboo or Peace lily along the cabinet in your kitchen to give life to the entire environment.

Interestingly, such an artificial plant won’t cost you even extra. You need to spend just £6 for such plants in the stores like Plants Express and that’s it! In case, you want to save even more, the websites like CouponsMonk are there for you.

A pink tint besides the window

You get all the sparkling sunlight inside your house through the windows and doors. Believe it or not, a stunning colour-contrast with the sunshine over there will give a boost to your home decor. You can consider real colourful flowers here. Still, chances are there, they might get frequently spoiled due to all the dust and wind coming through the open windows.

Thus, artificial flowers will be the best choice! You can decorate a bunch of vibrant pink artificial ranunculus including two buds (one large and one small) in a glass vase.

Finally, keep the vase beside the window pane for the ultimate mesmerizing look! It is just around £7 for such a bunch of flowers.

Landscape design with artificial grass

When it comes to the patio in front of your house, artificial plants seem to be best for that. One of the trendiest ways to give this area a green look is using artificial grass. You just have to spend around $ 5 per square foot and it will give a lush appearance to your front yard.

Moreover, it needs no mowing, no specific water content, no wilting issues and so on. So, landscaping with artificial grass is really easy and frugal!

Beautify the corners of the house

Whether it is a part of your living room or study room, the empty angular areas in between the walls look spectacular with greenery. You can accommodate a spray of artificial eucalyptus in a huge vase and give a green touch to that place.

MiaFleur says, “A great way to add lusciousness to a vase of flowers is to mix in some faux flowers and foliage. By doing this you get a really luxurious bouquet without spending a fortune. A bunch of flowers can be turned into something really special and eye-catching with the addition of a few faux ferns or eucalyptus and they last for years.’’

For just an approximate amount of £7, you can buy such an artificial eucalyptus spray from any specific store.

Hanging decor in the wall

When it’s about walls, pairing up flowers of different colours don’t create a significant impact. Rather, one single colour looks fantastic. It seems to be great if you decorate your walls with small buckets of artificial red begonias. Just make sure that you are considering the bamboo buckets for this purpose.

The cherry red colour of begonias goes really well with the classy and rustic brown colour of bamboo. You will get a far more dramatic effect in your home decor with such an arrangement. All that you need to do is just spend around £9 in premium shopping platforms like amazon.co.uk and you are done!

Sophisticated bedroom

The bedroom has been considered as one of the ideal places to keep artificial flowers, especially the white ones. It gives an ultimate touch of chicness. Further, you can even use artificial plants and trees as bedroom wall art. It adds up a soft touch to the entire look.

Moreover, if you place a bunch of small white flowers in a glass vase just above your night table, it will look lovely. Of course, such flowers won’t cost you huge at all. All that you need to do is just spend no more than £10 and you will have a wonderful ambience in your bedroom.

Vigorous bathroom decor

Indoor artificial plants look fabulous when decorated in the bathroom. You can place the tiny artificial shrubs over the toilet or laundry. The other thrilling way can be keeping them in a quaint corner of the bathroom. It will give an excellent exuberance to the environment.

A couple of best options could be African violets and large darker green foliage (when you have a big bathroom). These plants are certainly the affordable ones which you can buy by spending just around £11. With these plants around, your bathroom will end up having a pretty lush look.

Artificial plant wall for a lavish look

A plant wall can really create a huge difference in the look of your living room. Believe it or not, it looks spectacular! With such decor, you can liven up the garden and living spaces of different sizes.

If you have got an expanded space, it’s better to go for multiple plant walls made of different artificial plants. Also, make sure that the wall is including some colourful flowers along with the greenery. It will give that ultimate beautiful look to your living area.

If you just browse through the wholesale online stores like dhgate.com, you can purchase a premium quality plant walls with awesome colours at an affordable rate.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to upgrade the look of your living room in the best possible way, go for an artificial plant wall.

An inexpensive realistic approach

Of course, this piece of writing is all about fake plants but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make them look real. You just have to take a couple of smarter strides and it’s easy to do that.

Whether it is your living room or bedroom, treating your artificial plants like the real ones will give the finest look. Just ditch the plastic container and transfer your artificial plants in a real pot or planter. The artificial bushes look great in this kind of decor. While you are doing so, just put all the dirt in the container to make it look like soil.

Once you’ve such a pot of artificial bushes with a real look, place it anywhere you want and stun your guests!

How much could be the price of such bushy plants? Not more than $10 obviously.

Aren’t these home decor ideas effective enough? Try them soon! Undoubtedly, you will have a perfect house to live in with a garden-fresh ambience all around.

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