How The Bedroom Decor Can Influence Your Sleep

Do you find it hard to switch off at night? Does your bedroom operate more in terms of functionality than anything else? Read on…

With research suggesting that adults need an average of 7-9 hours sleep a night, we’re throwing the spotlight on the bedroom. We’ll be looking at how you can prime this space to ensure you get a great night’s sleep as often as possible – exploring everything from colours and lighting to furniture and furnishings.

Emanate warmth with your colour palette

There’s no denying that colour plays an integral role in the aesthetic of any space – and in the bedroom, it’s arguably more important than anywhere else. Starting from scratch may seem like an exciting prospect, but with so many colours to choose from, how do you know where to begin? For a room that emanates warmth and relaxation, deep blues, rich purples and indulgent reds are the way to go – so arm yourself with some tester paint pots and spend some time experimenting.

From terracotta tiles on a feature wall to decorative hangings that align with your colour palette, you can use your choice of hues to create a cosy hub where you love to spend time. Remember that your entire room doesn’t need to be awash with one colour – but you don’t want to overdo it either – so find which colours work best together and go from there. Without busy, vibrant colours adorning your room, you’ll be able to switch off and drift off more easily.

Find your perfect furniture fit

All too often, bedroom furniture is chosen out of necessity, and, while the need for practicality is obvious, in your quest to create a cosy bedroom, there are other things to consider. From the amount of floor space it takes up to the way it blends in with your colour scheme, your furniture might just be more important than you realise. Give your room a quick scan to assess what each piece of furniture is actually contributing to the room and if it’s even doing its job in terms of practicality.

Next, think about your bed and in particular, your mattress. While price will undoubtedly be a factor when it comes to choosing your bed, keep in mind that this is where you’ll sleep every night – so it’s well worth putting aside a little extra cash to be able to enjoy a mattress that’s suited to your body shape and sleeping requirements. Shop around for a bed, mattress and then bedding that best suits you to enjoy a truly great night’s sleep.

Encourage ambience with your lighting

From backlights on screens to the wattage of floor lamps, lighting has a major part to play when it comes to optimising your bedroom. While stark white lighting will likely lead to headaches and an inability to switch off, ambient lighting can have the opposite effect. So while you may not have considered colours or strengths of bulbs, now’s the time!

Whether you’re opting for spotlights or recessed lighting, taking control of these aspects of your room’s decor can make all the difference. Whether you’re spending the evening winding down or indulging in some pre-bedtime reading, dimmer switches, bedside lamps and even candles are all great ways to bathe your bedroom in a warm and inviting light. With the ambience of the room taken care of, when bedtime rolls around, you’ll be that much more relaxed.

Accessorise with soft furnishings

Nothing says cosy quite like a room adorned with soft furnishings – and in your quest for the ultimate relaxation space, chunky throws, heavy curtains and fluffy rugs can be used to achieve exactly that. This is particularly appealing in the winter months when extra furnishings can contribute to a warmer and more inviting space. In the summer, cosy is probably not quite what you’re looking for – so it’s important you switch up your room for the season.

While even in winter you might not be a fan of removing throw pillows from your bed every evening and repositioning them each morning, there are other ways to incorporate added extras into your room. Get creative with bed curtains, bed runners and comfy duvets to make your very own haven away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Whether you’re handy with a sewing machine or completely lack creativity, there are a whole number or online resources that can help you save time and money, all while adding personality to your space.

So, whether you’re the sort of person who simply can’t drop off to sleep unless there’s background noise or you need complete darkness before you can doze, it’s worth thinking about what an optimum bedroom space looks like to you. This way, you can say goodbye to counting sheep and hello to a restful night’s sleep.

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