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10 Best 55 Inch TVs 2020 ▷

The most important things at a glance:

  • one of the most popular inch sizes
  • corresponds to almost 140 centimeters
  • best with Ultra HD resolution
  • rarely available with Full HD
  • more volume for better sound
  • need space in the living room

LG OLED55B8LLA OLED TV Could hold its own?

Why are 55-inch TVs reviewed so frequently?

The trend towards the large screen continues: About half of the world’s sales are made up of TVs 55 inches or more or just under 140 centimeters in the diagonal. No wonder 55-inchers are tested very often. The highest test criterion is the Quality, just like TVs of other inch sizes, with ultra HD models tending to perform better than full HD TVs.

Up to a seat spacing of just over 2.5 meters, 55-inch TVs with Ultra HD display can take advantage of their sharpness. If you sit much further away, the effect will fizzle out, here also TVs with full HD resolution would be enough, but these are hardly offered any more. Other image properties, which are also under scrutiny, are less dependent on the seat spacing. Contrasts and colors, for example, but also screen brightness, motion sharpness, viewing angle stability, and display of HDR content.

What else does a 55-inch rout have to be able to do to be at the top of the leaderboard?

Not only the image but also the Sound is being examined. If you want to compete in tests and be at the top of the podium, you should not sound bleached and powerless, but clean and full – what not an easy task due to slim dimensions and limited sound volume even for a 55-inch.

If the sound quality does not meet your expectations, you can still use the external solution, for example in the form of a soundbar or a complete home theater system. Another criterion for weighing up the pros and cons is the Facilities. Does the TV offer all the features you need? Smart TV extras? Or a twin tuner? Does he master them perfectly? What about the Number of HDMI inputs and in general about the connection possibilities? Last but not least, testers and users are concerned with the Operation, here, things such as menu navigation, transmitter sorting, and switching times are taken into account.

Curved TV UE55RU7379 Even rarely found in the 55-inch warehouse: curved TVs with curved screens like the Samsung UE55RU7379. (Image source:

How wide, deep, and high is a flat-screen TV with 140 centimeters diagonal?

Before buying a TV, you should ask yourself whether the pitch is sufficient. Are sideboards or cabinet walls large enough for a TV with a screen diagonal of just under 140 centimeters? Or do you have to buy a new piece of furniture because the old one is too small? Roughly it can be said: A good 125 centimeters should be taken into account in width and 75 centimeters in height – only for the screen, i.e. without stand or feet. The data sheets of the manufacturers bring certainty, here you can find exact information on the dimensions, once with and once without a stand. A sentence on the depth of construction: Is a particularly flat device for wall mounting with a suitable TV mount, you are more likely to find the expensive LCD models, but especially with OLED TVs.

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