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10 Best DAB-Radios ▷


  • clear sound without disturbing noise
  • greater channel selection than FM
  • No annoying frequency search


  • Program selection depending on the state
  • not all FM stations digitally on air
  • less flexible than Internet radios


DAB radios in the test: What distinguishes good devices?

Bluetooth Box and DAB Radio: Devil Boomster Makes a good figure on the go thanks to the battery and battery compartment: the Boomster of Teufel.

DAB plays a rather small role in the evaluation of a radio. Although tests reward users for compared to FM more freedom of broadcasting reception Have. However, there are no real differences in quality between different DAB tuners, at least no perceptible ones. As soon as a radio supports DAB+, it receives digital stations – better or worse does not exist here. Deviations in sound are therefore not so much due to the tuner, but more to the quality of the loudspeakers and components as well as to the housing volume.

Test magazines also use their conclusion as classic criteria: Is the Sound pleasant and do the basses come to the fore? Is a detailed equalizer available for sound adjustment? Liked testers of the Convenience, i.e. setup, key logic as well as readability and structure of the display? How about the Facilities? Are there extras like a battery, USB, Bluetooth for music from your smartphone or Wi-Fi for music streams? The more these questions a DAB radio answers positively, the better the chances are that it will prevail in the competitive comparison.

What is a DAB radio anyway?

Like the successor DAB+, DAB stands for “Digital Audio Broadcasting”. If a radio supports one of these standards, it receives transmitters digitally. The most important advantage of this is that the Transmission is stable, noise-free, and level-fidelity, even with a weak signal. In addition, a digital radio automatically finds all available stations and bundles them into a list. This eliminates the annoying frequency search as you know it from FM reception. Information that DAB/DAB+ transmits, by the way, is quite nice, but nothing more. These can be the names of song and performer, program notes or weather and traffic news.

What is the difference between DAB and DAB+?

DAB+ is the further development of DAB and has been on the market since 2011. The improvements are of a technical nature and are basically uninteresting for the normal consumer. Roughly summed up, DAB+ transmits more channels and sounds a bit better – that’s it. What is more important is: All digital radios that have been on the market since the DAB+ launch support both standards, i.e. DAB+ and DAB. So there is no reason to worry about the chaos of terms.

Where can I receive DAB+?

DAB and Internet Radio Hama DIR3600MBT With the Hama DIR3600MBT you receive not only channels in the standard DAB+ but also radio programs from the Internet.

Even though digital radio can now be received almost universally: the specific program offer depends on the location. In addition to the thirteen stations broadcast throughout Germany, other offers are added depending on the federal state – in Bavaria the bandwidth is huge (approx. 50), in Schleswig-Holstein or Lower Saxony rather meagre (8).
DAB+, therefore, offers more variety than analogue reception via FM/MW, but not all regions have a big difference. If you like to have as many stations as possible to choose from, you will be better served with an internet radio anyway. Here you are spoilt for choice: information, reports, topics and above all music broadcasts from all over the world – with also digital and sometimes even better transmission quality.

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