The Best Electric Showers UK 2019

There’s been a lot of buzz about the best electric shower products in the home décor space off late.  More and more homeowners want to swap their old space-hogging clunkers that they call ‘showers’ with sleek new electric showers. And why not?

Better aesthetics, hot water on demand, easy installation, there are a lot of reasons that justify an upgrade. More than anything else, an electric shower might do you a world of good if your bath has been reduced to an agonizing and frustrating one, spent under a shower head that’s barely able to spurt out a dribble of tepid water. But, shopping for one is far from a cakewalk.

If you venture into the market looking for the best electric shower products, you will be bombarded with tons of brands and products, that all seem identical. So much so, that there’s every possibility of you getting swayed with a fancy sales pitch into buying a gimcrack.

That’s where we step in.

Here’s a quick look into the best electric shower products in 2019.

Our best electric shower reviews

As a first time shopper, you’ve got to look beyond the glossy advertorials and shiny chrome-plating to ensure that you are not fobbed off.  So, we spent a few months digging up details, meeting customers, talking to plumbers and testing some of the top rated products that we could source ourselves. And as expected, there were quite a few that ‘appeared’ to be the best, but couldn’t make it to our final list as we sifted through the data.  Some were overpriced, others were poor quality ones sourced from China, while a few started to sputter after barely a few weeks of use.

Here are our picks of the top 7 that give you the best bang for your buck.

Mira Sport 10.8 KW – Best Overall Electric Shower

It’s not every day that one comes across a shower that’s touted as the best electric shower in the UK.
That’s what caught our attention first. And our first thought was, ‘That’s an audacious claim to make.’

But we were familiar with Mira Sport.  They are one of the most reputed brands in the business.  We had one of their old 9.8kW showers in our farmhouse. That one lasted for 14 years without as much as a single glitch.  So we decided to give it a check and were pleasantly surprised with the results.  This one is called the Mira Sport 10.8 KW and it is one of their bestselling models.

It is a successor to the older 10.8 KW showers and is also backward compatible with some of the other older models from the brand. (If you are looking to upgrade without making expensive plumbing changes.)  And while it might look identical to some of its predecessors, it is crammed to the brim with advanced features that markedly improve your shower experience.  Let’s take a closer look.

Clean, streamlined design

One of the big draws of the Mira Sport 10.8 KW is the sleek and clean design that blends into any bathroom irrespective of the décor.  The electric console is compact and it has an adjustable riser rail that will conceal any ugly holes left behind by the previous installation.  The white and chrome PE finish looks stunning.  More importantly, it is surprisingly easy to clean if water spots start to form on it. Just wipe it with a rag and it’s as good as new again.  It has a really flexible hose that gives you plenty of play to move around and clean your body.  The 4-spray pattern 1100mm showerhead features special nozzles that work best for deep cleaning or dislodging doggy hair during pet showers.

Once you are done ogling at the aesthetics, you will start to appreciate the features that separate it from the rest.

Automation at its best

The Mira sport for us defines what an electric shower should be.  It is consistent, it takes the guesswork out of mixing hot and cold water and it is so easy to use.  There are separate dials to control water flow and temperature. This allows you to customize the water stream and temperature to your liking.  And once you do, you can set it at that to reuse it frequently without fiddling with the dials again.


There’s a dedicated push button to start and stop the water flow and a push button for power control.  When you are yearning for a power shower, just switch the Airboost™ mode on and it switches into a high-pressure stream.  The Mira Shower ensures that pressure flow and temperature will be consistent for as long as you shower.

An integrated safety feature called ‘Sensi-flo’ stops the heating element if the hose or the showerhead gets clogged. This prevents scalding.  Last but not the least, this Mira Shower is known to last at least 50% longer than any other electric shower brand because it deters lime scaling and erosion on the heating elements.


  • Stylish, clean design
  • Flexible Hose
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible slide bar that can cover the holes left behind by the previous installation
  • Separate knobs for water flow and temperature
  • Sensi-Flo technology to prevent scalding
  • Inbuilt memory function to store the most frequently used water and pressure setting
  • Lasts 50% longer than other brands due to the Clear scale technology that deters lime scaling
  • Excellent customer ratings


  • None. Do let us know if you are able to find any.

Mira Showers Escape – Best Electric Shower under £400

Whoever said that electric showers had to look frumpy!  Here’s the Escape from Mira Showers, a contemporary-styled electric shower that will be the focal point in your shower area.  The curved console looks elegant. Yet, it is minimalistic because there are just two elongated dials on it, as opposed to a cluster of ungainly buttons.  It has a matte chrome finish and is also available in satin.  Under the hood, it is quintessentially Mira. It has a gaggle of useful features that make for a comfortable and convenient shower experience.

Made for the modern bathroom

The Escape is stylish and perfect for the modern, contemporary bathroom.  Irrespective of whether you have old porcelain tiles or a natural stone shower area, it will seamlessly blend in.  The casing is tough plastic and the matte chrome finish ensures that the wear and tear with everyday use doesn’t leave it looking worn and scratched.  It is compact and easy to install and features Mira’s flexible slide riser rail which conceals any holes from the previous installation.

Like most new electric showers from Mira, the controls for water flow and temperature are kept separate and there’s a dedicated push button to start and stop the shower.  You can fine tune the temperature and flow and leave it at that setting for future use.  The 4-spray pattern showerhead is a proven one that’s now common across Mira’s range of electric and mixer showers. We particularly like the deep clean nozzles.  Really helps to provide a scrub on the skin surface when you need it the most.

Thermostatic technology & a bunch of safety features

The Escape features Thermostatic technology that ensures that there’s no cold water sandwich effect even if some other fixture in the house is operating simultaneously.  The water temperature will be maintained consistently at all times.  A built-in safety feature prevents the user from accidentally setting the desired water temperature to unsafe levels. In other words, the temperature can never be increased beyond a preset safe level.  If you have kids at home, then this eliminates the risk of scalding.

Also, it has the Sensi-flo™ function that shuts the heating elements off if it detects unsafe temperature levels.  The shower has a phased shut down system. So, even if you power it off, the remaining hot water in the console will be flushed out before the shower shuts down.  While that might seem like a wastage of water, the Mira Escape meets the stringent guidelines set by the Bathroom Manufacturer’s Association for water efficiency.  Like other models from Mira, the Escape has the integrated Clearscale™ function that limits corrosion and lime scale build up.  Last but not the least, the Escape is backed up by an industry leading ‘2-Year Guarantee’! That’s unbeatable value.


  • Extremely stylish electric console
  • Matte Chrome and Satin finishes
  • Perfect for the modern, contemporary bathroom
  • Flexible hose
  • Set and forget the most commonly used setting for temperature and pressure
  • Thermostatic technology that consistently maintains the temperature
  • Preset safe temperature level
  • SensiFlo Technology that automatically shuts the heating element off
  • 50% longer lasting heating element due to the ClearScale feature
  • Phased Shutdown that protects the next shower user from scalding
  • 2-year guarantee


  • This doesn’t feature the air boost tech like the Mira Sport Max.
  • If the water pressure goes below 0.7 bar (highly unlikely), the shower won’t work.

Mira Sport Max – The Best Electric Shower under £200

At times, buying a new electric shower seems like a much better option than repairing the old one.
And what better choice than the Mira Sport Max, one of the bestsellers from Mira that has a very affordable price tag.  The Mira Sport Max is a mixed bag of all the good things that you associate Mira with.  It has all the features, looks equally good and is backward compatible with most earlier models.
Which means that apart from drilling a single hole or two, everything else will line up with your older (Mira) shower.

Elegant and Minimalistic

There’s nothing flashy about the Mira Sport Max.  It has a barebones design with a tough, plastic electric console in white with chrome accents.  There’s a large temperature control dial, one touch button to stop/start the shower, three power control mode buttons and a large button to activate the Airboost mode.  The three power control buttons are High, Eco and Low.  As implied by the name, these are preset power buttons that can be used depending on the season.  In the winters, use the high setting and adjust the temperature accordingly to get a warm water shower at good pressure.

During summers you can use the eco setting and if you want a cold shower, use the Low setting.  Using the power and temperature settings will affect the flow rate. So test and adjust as needed.  The flexible hose connects to the 4-spray pattern shower head with special rub clean nozzles and there’s the height adjustable flexi rail that allows you to move the shower head up or down according to your height.  The Max is also available in a budget-priced bundle with Mira’s Honesty Bath Filler Tap or with the Monobloc from the Honesty range.

A pleasant shower experience

The Mira Sport Max has integrated pressure stabilization that ensures that the water pressure is kept constant, allowing the heating element to work consistently.  There will zero fluctuation in the water temperature even if the pressure increases or decreases.  Clear Scale technology reduced lime scaling by almost 50% extending the lifespan of your electric shower considerably.   Most customers that we spoke to have been using their Mira electric showers for more than a decade without any problems.  The max also features Mira’s Opti-flo technology that keeps the water flow consistent throughout the year.

Mira’s popular safety features are retained in the Sport Max and you have the Sensi-Flo to prevent excessive heating of the water as well as a factory present max temperature level.  You can rest assured that the chances of scalding are close to nil.  There are mixed reviews about the Airboost on the Mira Sport Max. Some people feel that it’s just a gimmick. Others feel that there’s a small difference in the water pressure.  Mira claims that it increases the water pressure by 30% without utilizing excessive water.  Well, it’s nothing like a power shower, if that’s what you are expecting. But yes, there is a marginal increase in the pressure.  Overall, it’s a neatly bundled package that’s a steal at this price point.


  • Simple but elegant design
  • White Plastic console with chrome accents
  • Large temperature control dial
  • Push button for start/stop the shower
  • Push button for the Airboost mode
  • Three soft touch buttons for power control
  • Flexible Hose
  • Showerhead with four spray patterns – Start, soothe, eco and force
  • Sensi-flo technology prevents excessive water heating and scalding
  • Opti-flo regulates water flow year round


  • The airboost mode can be quite noisy.

Triton Seville 8.5kW Electric Shower – Best Budget Electric Shower under £100

During the course of our research for the best electric shower products, we found that there’s a lot of demand for budget priced electric showers.  Sometimes, you don’t want to splash a lot of cash. You’ve just moved into a new home and are bootstrapping. Expensive repairs are ruled out.  The question is, what is a good price range to be considered ‘cheap’ without the risk of buying a poor quality shower?
Can you get a decent budget priced electric shower under 100 quid?  Turns out, that you can.  Here’s the Triton Seville, one of the best electric showers in the market currently. The Seville is a barebones electric shower that will more than suffice if you are willing to look beyond its limitations.

Simple, but slightly boxy design

The Seville has a simple, minimalistic shower console.  It might look a little pale if compared with some of the other models in this list. But the price tags are poles apart as well.  The design is not an eyesore mind you. The white, plastic finish looks decent and the controls are limited to two large rotary dials, one each for temperature and power.  The power control can be set to cold, eco and high.  There’s a riser bar, a flexible hose and a showerhead (which also has a white plastic casing) with a single spray pattern.  The Triton Seville is also available in 7.5kW, 9.5kW & 10.5kW power ratings.

Stabilized temperature control

Don’t let the unassuming design and the low price tag fool you. This is a very efficient electric shower.
It keeps the water pressure stabilized and the temperature consistent. Even at a high-temperature setting, the water flow is not affected to a great extent.  In fact, we can say that the Triton Seville can easily stand its own against much higher priced models when it comes to the performance.  Sadly, apart from consistent hot water on demand, there’s nothing much to write home about.  There are no bells and whistles or fancy features. No limescale prevention, no phased shut down or low-pressure indication.
Having said that, it would be unreasonable to expect those features at this price point, wouldn’t it?


  • Budget priced electric shower
  • Minimalistic design
  • Two large rotary dials for temperature and power control
  • Excellent pressure stabilization
  • Water flow is not affected too much even if the temperature is at its highest
  • Excellent customer ratings


  • No phased shut down, lime scale prevention
  • The shower head has single spray pattern only

Triton T80si Pumped 8.5kw Electric Shower – Best Pumped Electric Shower

Some electric showers are so sensitive to water pressure that even a wee bit of fluctuation can render them useless.  And in many areas, water pressure fluctuation is a reality that you’ve got to live with, especially if you have a storage tank in the loft or the attic.  The Triton T80si is a pumped electric shower that ensures that the water flow remains consistent even if you have low or no water pressure at all.
It will be a great replacement if you have been struggling with frequent temperature fluctuations or water flow issues with your old shower.

Time-tested, proven design

The T80si is one of Triton’s oldest models that continues to tick, despite facing stiff competition from new generation electric showers that boast of schmancy features.  That’s partly due to the no-nonsense, proven design and features.  It looks decent. The shower console is glossy plastic. There are two rotary dials for temperature and power and a large touch button to start and stop the shower.  There are multiple entry points for both, cables and water which makes installation a breeze even if you are upgrading.  The hose, while of reasonably good quality for an entry-level model, lacks in length which limits your ability to move freely while using the shower.  As a workaround, Triton throws in a long adjustable riser rail.

Despite this being a pumped electric shower, a low-pressure indicator is thrown in which shows you when the water pressure drops below the recommended level. If you are looking to replace an older Triton shower, then the T80si is backward compatible with most of the models including Belize, Riba, Agio, Enchant and a lot more.

Slightly noisy

Noise levels are a concern whenever you use a pumped electric shower. And it’s a subjective thing.
Some people find the T80si noisy, while others find it bearable.  We personally found it slightly noisy. Almost like a low pitched whistle. But it’s not a din.  More importantly, it’s a minor inconvenience to bear in exchange for consistent hot water.  The build quality of the shower is top notch.  Everything feels sturdy as opposed to cheap, plasticky showers. It has a good quality shower head with five spray patterns.

The heating elements are able to withstand scaling for years, as made evident from its long track record.
The touch control button allows you to set the temperature and pressure to the desired position permanently for ‘set and forget’ use.  Overall, the T80si is an excellent pumped electric shower and you’d be hard pressed to find a better choice at this price.


  • Pumped electric shower with a proven record
  • Classic design
  • Glossy white finish
  • Rotary dials for power and temperature
  • Touch button start/stop for set and forget use
  • Five spray pattern shower head
  • Great build quality
  • Compatible with most of Triton’s showers
  • Stabilized pressure and consistent temperature


  • Slightly noisy. But it’s not a deal breaker

Mira Showers Event XS – Best Electric Power Shower

Most homeowners will either choose a power shower or an electric shower, very rarely opting for a combo.  That’s because the general consensus is that it’s close to impossible to find a good quality electric power shower.  That’s precisely why the Mira Showers Event XS deserves a mention in this list of the best electric shower products.  This is a thermostatic electric power shower that works exceptionally well in low-pressure setups.  It draws water from both, your hot and cold water supplies and maintains a consistent temperature and water pressure.  So, if you don’t want to go for a full-fledged power shower (with the booster pump and the works), this is a much more cost-effective option.

Curvy design

The Event XS electric shower console has a curvy design as opposed to the square, boxy ones that are more commonly found.  It’s an eye-pleasing one that can go into any type of bathroom decor, be it modern or classic.  It has Mira’s signature white glossy plastic fascia with large rotary dials for the controls.  As always, temperature and flow controls are kept separate and there’s a push button to start/stop the flow of water allowing you to set the desired levels and forget.  This is a thermostatic shower. So even if there are other fixtures drawing water from your mains, the temperature or the pressure will not be affected.  It comes with Mira’s 4-spray pattern showerhead, that allows you to go from a soft misty flow to a wider stream. The coverage is excellent and it has the rub-clean nozzles for areas that need special attention.

More pressure at the touch of a button

Unlike typical power showers that use a separate booster pump to increase the water pressure, the Event XS is a gravity fed system that has an integrated pump.  It is easy to activate the Flow Boost function and at the touch of a button, the flow goes from a normal one to an extremely powerful one.  This isn’t like the Airboost in the Mira Sports Max, mind you.  This is a much more powerful stream of water with a maximum flow of up to 16 litres a minute.  The caveat is that you’ll lose a lot more water than a conventional shower system. So you’d want to monitor your water usage while using this.  The pump is reasonably quiet too.


  • Top rated electric power shower from Mira
  • Draws water from both hot and cold water supply
  • Inbuilt gravity fed pump system
  • Separate rotary dials for temperature and flow
  • A thermostatic based system that automatically regulates the temperature
  • Prevents scalding
  • One touch flow boost activation
  • A maximum flow rate of up to 16 litres per minute
  • Perfect for low water pressure setups


  • You will be using a lot more water than you normally do.

Bristan Bliss 3 – The Best Electric Shower with touch controls and digital display

Bristan was one of the most frequently mentioned brands (along with Grohe) by the plumbers that we spoke to.  That’s how we landed up running some tests on the Bristan Bliss 3.  If there was an annual ‘electric shower beauty contest’, the Bristan Bliss 3 would walk away with the crown.  This one’s a stunner. It is available in black and white finishes, has a large digital temperature display which looks extremely cool and has touch button controls in place of old rotary dials.  But the reasons why it makes it to our top 7 best electric shower products goes beyond the aesthetics.

Universal Footprint

You can upgrade to the Bristan Bliss from any old electric shower manufactured in the UK.  It has a universal footprint and the water and electrical inlets will match, covering any holes without the need for expensive repairs. The Bliss has a sleek, gloss black fascia that’s extremely easy to clean.  In addition to the contrasting blue digital temperature display, there are two soft-touch buttons for controlling water flow and power, while the temperature control is through an old rotary dial.  The combination works perfectly and the Bliss is very easy to use and configure. Takes the guesswork out of adjusting the temperature.  There’s the low, medium/eco and high setting for water flow and power. The Eco setting is the most preferred one.

No cold starts anymore

While most electric showers will heat the water in seconds, it can be a hit or a miss in extremely cold weather.  The last thing that anyone would want is to step into a shower and be greeted with a blast of icy cold water.  The Bristan Bliss has a warm-up mode where you can set your desired temperature and the heating element is kick-started before you step into the shower.  A blinking LED light on the start/stop button tells you when the water is warmed to your desired temperature.  The Bliss has a phased shutdown system as well as an anti-limescale system that prevents limescale from building up in the shower. After each use, cold water is flushed through the heating element. This prevents limescale build up.

And if the handset or the external filter gets clogged, the digital display reads ‘’CL’ which indicates that it’s time for a quick cleaning.  The Bristan Bliss is available in multiple ratings (8.5 kW 9.5 kW 10.5kW) and is certainly amongst the best electric showers in the UK currently.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Glossy black fascia
  • Contrasting blue digital display
  • Soft touch buttons for controlling flow and power
  • Rotary dial for controlling temperature
  • Universal footprint allows easy installation
  • Warm up mode prevents a cold start to the shower
  • Anti-lime scale system flushes cold water after every use
  • Phased shut down system prevents scalding
  • Thermostatic technology makes it ideal for use in households with kids
  • Performance indicator display shows when it’s time for cleaning the shower head


  • None

How to select the best electric shower products for your home

Electric Showers are all about convenience.  Be it installation, usage or maintenance, they are designed for convenience.  They only heat the exact amount of water you need. They only need a cold water supply (in most cases).  And they last for years with minimum upkeep.  Having said that, there are tons of models in varying sizes, shapes and designs to choose from.  How do you pick one that’s right for your home?  Here’s a brief guide to help you select the best electric shower for your home.  Why do you need an electric shower?

There are two possible situations why you might be looking for an electric shower.

  1. Your old electric shower just kicked the bucket or is on the verge of it
  2. You just moved into a new home or are remodeling your bathroom

In the first case, it’s best if you check whether the new electric shower is compatible with the older one in terms of size and power cabling.  Most new showers have multiple inlet positions for cabling and water making them compatible with most old brands and models. Also, look for showers that include an adjustable riser rail system that can cover existing holes from the old installation.  If it’s a new installation, then we recommend that you hire an electrician to do the wiring and the cabling. You can very well do it yourself if you wish to. It’s a no-brainer and most electric showers come with a detailed manual that contains schematics.

What is the power rating?

You will find that electric showers are power rated in kW and the average number is between 7 and 10.5 kW.  The higher this number, the faster and stronger the heating element, which means that the shower will be able to heat more water in less time.  But before you get tempted to buy the highest rated electric shower to swap your old one, you’d want to factor in the additional cost that will be needed to redo the cabling.  Higher power rated showers need larger cables.  Many manufacturers these days offer a flexible power rating. So, you can find showers that are rated from 7.5kW to 8.5kW. This means that you can swap your old 7.5kW one with this one without changing the cables.  What are the most important features in electric showers?  Most manufacturers and brands will talk about the bells and whistles and harp on terms that sound sophisticated.

But in the end, it all boils down to how soon you get hot water, how consistent the temperature is and how safe the unit is for use (households with kids).  And there are a few features that are of utmost importance.

Thermostatic: Since electric showers draw water from your cold water supply only, there is a possibility that the change in water pressure, (caused due to another faucet or fixture being used at the same time in the house) can cause the water temperature to rise suddenly. A thermostatic electric shower will automatically shut the heating element off, if this happens. This means that the temperature will always be maintained close to your desired number. Thermostatic showers are safer in households with kids.

Safety Features: Different brands have different safety features integrated into their electric showers. Most of them have a phased shutdown system where any remaining hot water is flushed out of the shower when it is shut off. So, you have a trickle of hot water continuing to flow until the heating chamber is empty. This prevents the next person using the shower from getting scalded. Some brands also have a built-in temperature cut off system which prevents the temperature from increasing to unsafe levels even if the water pressure drops or if the temperature dial is set at its maximum.

Anti-Lime Scaling: With prolonged exposure to hard water, heating elements get lime scaled, in which a white coating forms on the surface due to calcium build up. This affects their efficiency and lifespan. Many electric showers these days have anti-lime scaling features which slows down the buildup of lime scale on the heating elements.

Integrated Pump: If you have low water pressure in your home, then ideally you should opt for a power shower. But that’s an expensive option. Not everybody is willing to spend hundreds of pounds on a shower system. An electric power shower is the next best thing. It contains an integrated booster pump that increases the water pressure. The average maximum flow rating for electric power showers is between 14-18 liters per minute.

Easy user controls: You don’t want to be fiddling with dials and buttons every day before you shower. Electric showers should be easy to use. Most showers in this list have separate dials for temperature, power and flow. You should be able to test and find a desirable setting and leave it at that setting for repeated use. That’s called the ‘set and forget’ feature.

Aesthetics: While we don’t consider aesthetics to be the end all, be all deciding factor, we are sure you’d have one less reason to complain if your electric shower looks as good as it performs. To this end, we have selected a wide range of shower designs from plain white boxes to sleek, glossy black ones with a contrasting blue digital display and chrome accents. We are sure that you will be able to find one that fits your bathroom décor in this list of best electric shower products.

Other features: The quality of the showerhead is one of the features that homeowners usually consider. Higher end electric showers have showerheads with multiple spray patterns. So you can choose from a gentle eco mode that conserves water, a rain mode with better coverage or a massage pattern for an invigorating stream. Some brands have specialized nozzles which allow for surface-specific thorough cleaning.

To sum it up

That’s it folks. We hope that this article helps you sift through the muck and make an informed choice while selecting the best electric showers for your home.

We would love to hear about your experiences with the showers in this list. Do write in to us. Don’t forget to hit the share button below if you liked this article.

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