Using DIY & Art To Add a Personal Touch to a Nursery

Decorating a nursery can be equal parts exciting and stressful, but you should also take this opportunity to let your creative side run free. Whilst there are a lot of fantastic products available to adorn your baby’s nursery with, sometimes it’s better to make something from the heart. Buying most of the décor for your baby’s nursery is not a problem, however, if the interior is comprised entirely of store-bought items it can sometimes lack a warm and homely touch. Therefore, it’s always worth trying your hand at a few beautiful yet simple DIY decoration pieces, because you never know, you may just produce something you cherish for many years down the line, and not just when your baby is well…a baby! Homemade items are also sentimental declarations of love towards your little one. Of course, if you are the one who is currently expecting, get a helping hand for the more stressful or physically demanding tasks from those around you, after all, the more the merrier, and the more personal the nursery decor will be. DIY décor clearly shows that it is not necessary to have to splash a lot of cash to produce something beautiful and endearing, so what are you waiting for? Dig in!

Family, Friends and Frames


DIY doesn’t need to only be about parent and child, be sure to involve other people in the baby’s life whom also feel much love for it! Use baby shower and celebration cards from friends and family and turn them into décor pieces – what’s more, you can get them involved in the making of the decorations too! It’s a great way to add vibrancy and charm to the nursery without doing too much of the work yourself! Set up an arts and crafts chain with plenty of stationary, buttons, sequins and other trinkets. Ask your loved ones to make a card or use the one they brought, and give them free range to jazz it up! Once they are done, use cheap frames to finish their mini masterpieces off, and then they are done and ready to hang up as a sentimental touch to the nursery. Speaking of framing, a quirky idea is to frame old baby clothes from previous young ones, which you aren’t going to be using anymore. It’s a great way to recycle something that may have ended up being thrown out. They make quaint little decorations and rather obviously they suit the nursery theme awfully well!

You could also frame pages from books, particularly charming and timeless children’s book, as an ode to the literature you grew up with and your baby might too! You don’t need to only look online, you can find gorgeous antique books in local stores and maybe even ask family and friends if they have books which are no longer being used, as a cheaper alternative. You could even model the theme of your interior on the book/s you choose. Consider the likes of Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss for your little one.

Perfecting Paint

Nursery painting

Here is yet another simple DIY: all you really need is a bucket of paint and a bunch of willing hands! Get your family or other close relations to leave their mark – quite literally – on the nursery’s walls, by leaving an imprint of their hand (or foot, if they’re feeling silly!). This is a remarkably easy way to add a homely touch to the walls and make it that much more comfortable and inviting! It’s also great for looking back at over the years, as you reminisce about how fast the children have grown!

This next DIY is perhaps the most elaborate and challenging, but it’s also the most rewarding! The idea is to paint a mural on your baby’s wall, and it could be of pretty much anything that is in keeping with the vibe of the nursery – which is usually soothing and relaxing. You don’t just need to use paintbrushes, experiment with sponges, clothes, toys and other equipment to make a quirky variety of shapes and add real interest to your walls.

Homely Hangings

For something a little more sophisticated and adult, hang aged materials like paper from clips, similar to how you would hang clothe on a washing line. You can hang cards from loved ones, songs, photos of important people and places, or just pretty and relaxing images that complement the vibe of your nursery. This is an affordable and gorgeous way to add some interest to plain nursery walls.

To bag some extra storage, hang a hamper on one of your nursery walls for quick and simple tidying and reorganization. It’s a great way to rescue back some of that prized floor space, by making sure that anything that has a possibility of being on the wall, is indeed on the wall.

Pegboards are similarly great for you to hang up little but important items and then grab and go as you please. They are easy and organized, laying out everything important in front of you so you don’t have to go searching for it, especially if it’s an emergency. Although it’s often associated with tools and industrial equipment, if you dress it and personalize it, it will fit right into your baby’s nursery. This is a particularly great storage alternative for renters who may not want to make too many alterations to the wall, as it reduces the amounts of holes made.

You can even use any doors in the room to your benefit! Hang bags and hampers from door knobs for yet another easy to way to pick and drop pesky little toys and other trinkets as soon as you see them, rather than letting them pile up and become a trip hazard for you or for little ones.

Sneaky Storage

Floating shelves are an absolutely brilliant way to store and display items at the same time. It’s another great way to keep as much clutter off the floor as possible. You can use these shelves to put up homely frames and photos, whilst still putting away creams and clothes so that they are easy to grab as and when needed.

If there is a reasonable amount of space, adding another shelf or rail to a cupboard is a great of fitting some more diapers or wipes in case of emergency. It’s a foolproof way of increasing storage without decreasing space!

If you have hooks on your doors or on the wall where you hang clothes, you could even consider putting a string between the hooks with little pegs. This is a quick way of getting some more space to hang up clothes so that they aren’t just thrown on a chair in the corner!

Cute Creations

Picking your baby’s name can often be a long and difficult decision, however, there’s no better feeling than when you finally stumble across the perfect name! Once you have overcome that process, use this nifty DIY to display their name loud and proud in their nursery! Cut the letters for the name or maybe even the message out of a sturdy material like cardboard, taking care to ensure that the edges are neat and tidy for a professional look. Use PVA glue or another form of glue to stick thread or yarn to your letter, spinning it around the back and front and making sure it is stuck on tightly. After that, you can bedazzle your letters however you wish! If you aren’t too keen on yarn, go for other fabrics like silk or wool, whatever takes your fancy! Maybe even consult your baby…If you have any leftover fabric, you can incorporate it somewhere else in the interior, such as by framing it.

You can even buy some cheap but robust hoops and glue fabrics to them to dress them up with some bright patterns and colours. Then hang these hoops up on pegs or hooks for a unique style of décor. Make sure the fabric is pulled tightly about the hoop, any crinkles or creases will negatively impact the look.

Another artsy idea for a nursery decoration would be DIY silhouettes. These silhouettes can be any shape you wish, maybe the image of something you like or personal to you, like a certain animal or a family member or even your favourite food! All you need to do is draw or cut out a template, then place it atop some card and cut the card around the template, or trace the template around the card – whichever is easier for you. You can even put a backing to your silhouette and frame it for a finished, clean and professional look. Equally, you could use Blu Tack to stick them to the walls, which gives you the freedom to regularly change their positioning if you wish.

These were some beginner and some more complex DIY ideas for when it comes to decorating your baby’s nursery. Do your best to get loved ones involved so that all the important people in the baby’s life can leave their mark on the nursery. There are thousands upon thousands of more DIY décor ideas for your nursery online. All you need is some time, some money, and maybe a little bit of spare change. If you’re really resourceful, you may only need items that are already in your home! Go search in nooks, crannies and attics to find items that no longer serve any particular purpose, and breathe new life to them. Happy decorating!


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