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Facts About 100 Pure Cold Sore Treatments

Have you been searching for 100 pure cold sore treatments? Perhaps you have already tried everything and find that it does not work for you. If this is the case, you should keep reading to find out about some of the pros and cons that you may have with the treatment.

This disease is extremely painful and the cold sore can get extremely painful when it first happens. Usually a cold sore will occur at about the same time every year or every three years. However, it is possible for a cold sore to last longer than six weeks. This can be very painful if you are in the middle of work or school and you are not feeling well.

There are two pros and one con with this treatment. You should keep these pros in mind and also be aware of the cons. This can help you decide whether this treatment is right for you.

One pro is that it is very easy to treat a cold sore. It will not take you long to try this treatment and it does not take a lot of time to heal. This means that you can cure your cold sore quickly. If you are suffering from a lot of pain, it may take a few days to several weeks to fully heal.

The second pro is that the cold sore is not contagious. It is not necessary to use any of the other treatments that are available. However, if you do wish to use one of the other treatments, you may need to keep your clothes closed at all times. This is because the doctor will need to apply a medication to your lips, tongue, and skin.

The cons are more related to safety issues and health. While there is no way to prevent a cold sore from occurring, there is a possibility that you could catch the disease. The most common cause of a cold sore is a virus that can be transferred from one person to another through touching and kissing.

Another pro is that there is no way to spread the disease. It is important to remember that the disease is not contagious. It is not possible to get a cold sore on your own. There is no other treatment that will cure you if you do not cure yourself.

Finally, the cons are related to safety and health. You may not be able to avoid getting a cold sore completely. However, you should know that this disease is not contagious and there is no way to transmit it. In addition, the disease is not life threatening and it is not necessary to use any of the other treatments that are available.


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  • ✅ , : Studies show a 143% increase in skin hydration in just 10 days. After 7 days, 96% of users noticed their sunburn reduced 5x faster. WE GUARANTEE RESULTS WITHIN 100 DAYS - if not, contact us anytime for a full refund, keep the gel, no questions asked.
  • ✅ : Most aloe vera products are diluted with water, don’t list aloe as the 1st ingredient, & are made from powders or concentrate. Our aloe vera is 99.75% PURE CERTIFIED ALOE LEAF JUICE & NO WATER for up to 87% higher efficacy than common brands.
  • ✅ .% : It’s impossible for aloe vera to be 100% pure because it’ll go rancid in 1-3 days. While regular aloe is mixed with toxic preservatives (hexane, carbomer etc.), ours is formulated with just 4 FOOD-GRADE PRESERVATIVES (vitamin C, potassium salt etc.) for a 2 YEAR SHELF LIFE.
  • ✅ - : Regular gels use synthetic powders & thickeners, or are mass-produced with poor quality leaves from Mexico. Our ORGANIC FAMILY FARM in Australia’s southwest hand-pick each leaf at their ripest, before HAND-FILLETING to preserve 99.8% of aloe’s natural micronutrients.
  • ✅ # : While generic gels are pasteurised at 60°C+ & extracted 2-3 times, we COLD PRESS at 1-4°C to yield 1200mg ALOEVEROSE PER LITER (v 600mg in common gels). We enhance stability with our patented FROSTPROTECT TECHNOLOGY & are PROUDLY ALCOHOL/CRUELTY/PARABEN FREE.

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