10 Best Golf Simulators March, 2019

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What are golf simulators?

Most of the golf player must be well familiar with the term “golf simulator”. It is an advanced technology that uses motion sensors, computer software, and other such elements to mimic the conditions of any of your favourite golf expeditions.

Benefits of Golf Simulators

Though the real golf experience cannot be compared with a virtual simulated game, the golf simulators have many advantages of their own, some of them being:

Highly convenient game experience anytime you wish- Since these golf simulators can be installed anywhere in your home, office, or club, you need not actually travel to a golf course. The golf simulator will provide you with a rich golf experience within the comfort of your own place.

Weatherproof games Weather conditions is a great factor for going out to play golf. Still, bad and unpredictable weather can sometimes ruin your whole golf expedition. With the golf simulator, however, you will be practising golf inside the walls of your house. So, whether it’s the burning sun, chilly breezes or roaring rain and storm, it won’t be able to hinder your game.

High Versatility– With most of the golf simulators, you have a large number of golf courses, weather conditions, and terrains to choose from. You can compete with players from all over the world. You will always have the option to add extra accessories to your golf simulator set as per your need.

Components of a Golf Simulator

  • ProjectorA projector creates the visual environment of the golf simulator i.e. it will project the game on a high impact screen (hitting screen).
  • Ball tracking technologies– It includes a few cameras and sensors which track the ball after you hit it. This recorded data is important for determining the ball-flight, direction, speed and such characteristics of a shot.
  • Hitting mat– This is the base of the simulator, where you’ll stand and aim at the ball. It is made of artificial grass mat.

A computer with the golf course software- This is the very heart of your golf simulator. This is where all the golf courses and other information are loaded and all the data processing occurs here only.

Other obvious components include a golf set, wires, a ball and so on.

Prices of golf simulators

Though there are many hi-tech and expensive golf simulators which can cost as much as £ 60,000-70,000, there are still many budget options available. So if you don’t want to buy a golf simulator for your house, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars over it, you can choose from amongst the many golf simulators which cost less than £ 1,000.

Things to ponder before buying a golf simulator

Space availability– You must make into account space where you want to install the simulator system. You must have enough space to swing your golf club freely without hitting the walls and ceiling or hurting anyone.

Cost and quality You always get what you pay for. So, if you buy expensive golf simulator set, then it will have better features and durability. However, if you are not that serious about it and are just experimenting, then it will be wiser for you to use budget golf simulators.



Golf Simulator
Golf Simulator
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Washington Post: Trump spent $50K on golf simulator for White House - CNN

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