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What Are The Best Gowe Lathes?

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No. 1
GOWE All Metal 8 in 1 Mini Lathe metallathe kit/24W,20000r 8in1 didactical...Recommended by Tickrater
  • Feature:1. The parts in the kit can be assembled into 8 kinds of machines with different function- jigsaw, wood-turning machine, metal lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, sanding machine, hand-held machine, drilling machine with dividing plate, only one kind of machine can be assembled each time.2.Main parts: headstock, central block, jigsaw base, jigsaw casing, motor blade, gear, woodturning chisel base, cross slider, big slider,
  • drilling lever, drilling table, jigsaw table, connection piece, sanding paper panel, dividing positioner, vice , drive belt , grinding wheel , wheel guard etc. All of the parts are made of metal except drive belt , grinding wheel , wheel guard.Technical parameter:1.Motor speed :20,000rpm/min(optional choice 12,000rpm/min); 2.Input voltage/current/power:12VDC/2A/24W, Switching power input: 110V¡ª240V;
  • 3.Jigsaw working table size:90mm*90mm; 4.Maximum working material diameter of woodturning lathe:50mm; 5.Maximum working material diameter of metal lathe: 100mm; 6.Working material length of metal lathe and woodturning lathe:135mm; 7. Slider travel: Axis X=145, Axis Y=32, Axis Z=32 8.Collets:1-6mm; 9. Drilling working table size: 123*100mm; 10. Maximum workpiece size clamped by vice:50mm; 11. Maximum workpiece diameter clamped by three-jaw chuck:50mm
  • 12. Center height of metal lathe:25mm; 13. There are three circles of holes on the dividing plate and each circle with the same ratio holes. The number of the holes on each circle is respectively 36,40,48. We can choose them as needed.14. All of the machines are safe touch except milling machines.
No. 2
GOWE Mini Lathe Machine Small Household Lathe with 600W MotorRecommended by Tickrater
  • Introduction; Distance Between Centers: 360mm; 1. The two top distance :400 mm; 2. The turning diameter :210 mm; 3. Small slide stroke: 55 mm; 4. The lathe bed width :100 mm; 5. The spindle taper: MT3; 6. The spindle hole diameter:21 mm; 7. The infinite speed adjustment; 8. The spindle speed range 50-2500 RPM high and low two notches; 9. Turning inch thread range: 10-44 TPI; 10. Turning metric thread range :0.5 -3 mm; 11. The dragging plate :75 mm
  • 12. The tailstock sleeve :60 mm; 13. The tailstock taper: MT2; 14. The motor power :600 w; 15. packing size:840 x390x470; 16. The net weight :70 kg; 17. Voltage :220 v or 110 v
No. 3
GOWE Mini Lathe Machine Desktop Household with Lathe Machine Accessories...Recommended by Tickrater
  • spindle speed:lower shift:100~1100rpm; higher shift 100~2500rpm; size:750X380X380mm; weight:50kg; bore diameter:20mm; flange diameter:100mm; revolve diameter 180mm; the max. cutting length:350mm; power rated of spindle motor :550W; voltage :220V; spindle tap: Mos 3#; tail spindle tap: mos2#; side spindle motor :450W; cutting screw:0.4~2mm thread
No. 4
GOWE Lathe Tool Post Grinder Lathe Grinder MachineRecommended by Tickrater
  • Lathe tool post grinder. Features of Lathe tool post grinder: 1 Both the main shafts have been specially designed, and the world wide precision bearing is used to fit the main shafts, which are made of alloy steel heat-treated for high wear resistance, precision. as well as maintaining to the lowest temperature for durability and stability. 2 The motor base and the spindle bushing are adjustable. 3 The motor is well designed with a special and nice appearance.
  • The RMP of this motor varies depending on the size of the work piece. 4 This grinder is capable of grinding the work piece to a minimum of 3mm in outer diameter and from 6mm up in inner diameter (bore) with the accuracy within 0.003mm and a weel finished surface. (supplied with special attachments)
  • 5 The spindle bushing is made of cost iron,and supported by three surfaces.Therefore, it is durable and elastic. 6 Materials such as steel, iron,copper, alumium,cast iron, plastics, porcelain, marble, regardless of being heat treated or not, can be grind on this machine which functions lie a cylindrical grinder.So it may lower the cost of the production.
No. 5
Gowe Mini Lathe Motor 550W DC Motorfor 350mm distance latheRecommended by Tickrater
  • GOWE is a registered trademark in US.
  • Mini Lathe Motor 550W DC Motorfor 350mm distance lathe
No. 6
Gowe Mini Lathe Motor 400W for 300mm distanceRecommended by Tickrater
  • GOWE is a registered trademark in US.
  • Mini Lathe Motor 400W for 300mm distance
No. 7
GOWE High Quality CNC4620 2 axis CNC Lathe and Turning Machine CNC...Recommended by Tickrater
  • 2 axis CNC lathe and turning machine controller kit 2 axis USB CNC controller; Advantages; 1.2 axis servo/step motor control; 2.Good HMI design; 3.Adopt embedded high speed processor and professional customized FPGA motion chip; 4.Comprehensive function, support standard G code, DXF file and Macro function; 5.With large capacity storage, convenient to customers; 6.Adopt high speed high accuracy algorithm to process
  • to get good process effects. Description; 1.7.0 inch color display screen; 2.Tt is new upgraded version base on two axis CNC lathe system; 3.Adopt ARM9 high performance CPU; 4.Super-large programmable FPGA; 5.Real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology; 6.According to different demand of customer, it can be suitable to match stepping and servo driver,and realize high performance ratio
  • 7.With USB ,Flash and RS232 COM communication etc,. lots of kinds communication mode, it can easy realize the different data transmission and update software; 8.With network interface, the system support remote monitoring and transmission processing of DNC file; 9.Open CNC platform, capable of custom-tailoring private system according to the specific requirements; 10.With complete self-diagnostic function, internal and external real-time display, it will show alarming if any exceptional
  • 11.Support additional panel and external handheld box operation , it is convenient to cutter aligner for customer; 12.Macro-variable , programming of macro definition, enable to lots of kind of logical relation, support macro programming with parameter to being used, it is more convenient to user; 13.DXF+G code template function, switching the DXF file to G code for processing automatically
No. 8
GOWE CNC Woodworking Lathe Machines, 5 Axis CNC Wood Router EngraverRecommended by Tickrater
  • Introduction; 1: Integrated high-speed microcomputer intelligent control chip, can be equipped with external LCD monitor with hands, automatic detection of computer controlled automatic shield handle motion control functions, can simultaneously track digital recording of computer data and handle mobile data control; 2: The computer keeps track of the path, you can run once the computer processing of the data record-keeping process automatically repeats offline processing operation.
  • 3: Manually move the processing to save recorded track record manually move the machine data and automatically reprocessed run manually move the path.4: Manual data input processing path and enter the path to run automatically; 5: You can automatically complete the XYZ axis or Z axis of the knife, without complicated computer software operation control; 6: Max 5A stepper motor drive current, eight-speed adjustable.7: Up to 16 segments, higher accuracy, run more smoothly.
  • 8: Overload over-current over-temperature protection function, automatic semi-flow control, fully protect your computer and peripherals; 9: Bipolar constant current chopper drive motor low-speed non-creeping phenomenon, noise, non-resonant region.10: closed optical isolation, dual-stage signal processing, and fully protect your computers and devices.Electrical Properties:Output Current Drive 4.5A (peak 5A ); Driven approach Bipolar constant current PWM drive output;
  • Drive motor 57*78 stepper motors ,two -phase 4 wire stepper motor ); Specifications; Product demention;520(H)X660(L)X580(W) mm; Effective work area; 300x400x(150)mm; Precision ballscrew; 1605; XYZ rail material; Hard chrome shaft; XY rail diameter; 20mm; Z rail diameter; 16mm; XYZ axis torque;57*78 250 OZ/IN (2.2N/CM); 4th and 5th ; 57*56 ; 4th and 5th transmission ratio:1:6; Repeat positioning accuracy:0.01mm; Working precision :0.02mm; Processing speed:0-4000 mm/Min;
No. 9
GOWE Mini CNC Lathe Machine Frame for CNC Machine, DIY Metal Wood D40mm...Recommended by Tickrater
  • Feature:1.Max. swing diameter over bed:220mm; 2.Max. swing diameter over carriage:55mm; 3. Max. processing length:220mm; 4 Spindle is 0640 through hole diameter:31.5mm; 5.spindle motor power rated:2.4kw; 6.X axis travel:300mm; 7.Z axis travel:250mm; 8.guider rail way width:220mm,guider rail way length 520mm;
  • 9.X lathe carriage width:220mm , Z lathe carriage width:320mm; 10.weight:150kg; 11.outer size:1300X400X400mm; Package detail:include the lathe machine bed, ballscrew ,spindle,carriage,cylinder,lubricating system. Not include the spindle motor and stepper motor.tool turret!
No. 10
GOWE High accuracy WTB5 0.005mm 500mm optical linear encoder Lathe...Recommended by Tickrater
  • Purchase notes; 1. This order is for slim scale WTB5 500mm with 5V / TTL / 0.005mm (5um/ 5micron) resolution & DB9 connector; 2. We can make scale to 24V, EIA-422-A and other different specifications, for the details please contact us; 3. Order content: 1 piece *WTB5 500mm linear scale, 1 piece *aluminium cover, connection bord, 1 bag * screws

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