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My Hero Academia Chapter 291: Everything A Fan Should Know.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 291

My Hero Academia: The reunion will be seen within the villains Gigantomachia, Shigaraki, and others. Chapter 291 will let Endeavor’s response in highlight.

Release Date Of Chapter 291

So Chapter 291 of My Hero Academia is all set to make a release on  15th November 2020 i.e. Sunday. You can read it on Manga plus and also on Viz.


In the previous chapter 290, Dabi’s Dance opens the staff of the hospital running into Rei’s room. And it happened so as to shut down the TV which will stop her from witnessing carnage unfolding.

However, the TV hacked and somehow the shows addressed Dabi the world. So on the Battlefield, The League of Villains arrives with Gigantomachia. After fighting the heroes Shigaraki is in a terrible state and shape.

As per the Shoto, heroes won’t be able to handle Shigaraki and Gigantomachia. They eventuaaly decides to take Shigaraki down as he is in really bad shape already.

My Hero Academia Chapter 291
My Hero Academia Chapter 291

So all the heroes including Shoto are ready to begin the battle with Shigaraaki. And eventually, Gigantomachia has intervention that saved the villains from attack.

Later on, Dabi announced that he is Toya Todoraki, which is the eldest son on Endeavor. Somehow all of them surpassed him after claiming the spot which is number one on the Hero ranking chart. After this Endeavor lost all of his hope.

When Endeavor lost his all hopes while creating stronger Quirks, Dabi is created by Endeavor. But who knew Dabi was going to be a failure. Later on, Endeavor rejected Dabi. But Dabi survived and he there after joins the League of Villains. Now Dabi wants to crush Endeavor and make him suffer with his plan.

The upcoming chapter will probably go on to show the fights between the heroes and villains. And we will get to know if Dabi will be successful in taking his revenge on Endeavor.


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