10 Best Raclette Grills March, 2019

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Raclette grills make a big difference in the kitchen regardless of the kind of event you are hosting. They are ideal for date nights, dinner parties, and even family dinners. For those who may not know what raclette grills really are, then you can compare them to fondue. The only difference is the fact that with raclette, you grill the food that you choose and then pour some melted cheese on the top. With fondue, you dip chocolate, fruit, or bread into cheese.

There are some grills that have dual tops where one side is flat while the other has ridges. The surfaces are usually used in:

  • The making of crepes
  • Cooking eggs
  • Grilling different meats and vegetables

There are many types of raclette grills available in the market today and it is always important to take time before purchasing one to end up with the best.

Tabletop entertainment

This is the modern way of catering for your social gatherings and dinner parties. The design is in such a way that a couple of people can actually cook at the same time. They offer the best kind of tabletop entertainment with great results. The top surface is enough for grilling vegetables, fish, and meat. You can have even more dishes underneath you can warm your sauces and melt cheese very easily. The top and the bottom ingredients are then combined for that unique taste. There are some traditional recipes that you can try out or you may come up with your own original creations

How to choose

There are different types of raclette grills to choose from and there are some things that can guide you so that you make an informed decision.

The griddle: the best standard grill should have a ribbed griddle so that you can achieve those grill stripes especially on your meats. If you want to use grease or oil as you bake, then it is more sensible to use a stone grill. In this case, the heating will take a bit longer.

Combo plate: if you want to do things like making pancakes or frying eggs, then you need to choose a grill that has the smooth part as well. There are options that will have both plates in place and they are the most suitable option.

Size also matters. If you want great fun with your family like over the holidays, you should get a large grill. There are large options that can cater for around 10 people at once. Some come with a baking tray that is easy to wash and is removable.

The shape could also be a consideration. There are round and rectangular options. When it is round, it means it is very compact. It is also a sensible choice when you are using a square or round table. This makes cooking very easy and convenient. As for the rectangular option, it is ideal for people with an elongated table. When the griddle is long, it becomes so much easier for everyone to use it.


Raclette grills are a great way to entertain your guests and family. Choosing the right one is a great idea. It is always essential to consider everything to have the best experience. You should remember to consider how easy it is to clean after use.

Raclette Grill
Raclette Grill

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