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Using rugs not only make your interiors feel much more comfortable but also does a great job to enhance the décor. You can choose from a number of different types of rugs and create any type of look you want. You will be amazed at the way it modifies your interior. There are ways in which you could make space feel bigger, highlight some specific areas of the room, the furniture and more.

When you are buying a rug, always make it a point to consider the space where you want to put it in. If you are looking for a rug for busy areas such as the kitchen or the hall, you will need something in a more durable material. If it is your bedroom, you can use rich textures that feel soft and cosy under your foot. Rugs look the best when they are placed in accordance with the size of the room. The ones that extend to the entrances not only create obstructions but also look rather untidy. Furthermore, they also increase your chances of tripping and falling over.

Where can you use rugs around the house?

If you are looking to upgrade your interiors in an affordable way, then rugs are one of the easiest ways to do it. They add just the right amount of comfort and warmth to your interiors while also protecting the floor. Furthermore, by planning the layout in an effective manner, you can also divide the space, thereby adding more definition to the room. Given below are the different areas around the house where you can add rugs and create an instant wow factor.


The lounge is one of the most common places to put in a rug. The right choice of the rug can lend a very relaxing air to space. The choice of rugs also determines the ambience of the room. For example, if you want to create a cosy feel, you can add deep piles, wools, and shaggy textures. These materials feel very soft under your feet and make you feel as if you are sinking in. You can further beautify the space by adding furniture that complements the carpet.


The hall or the landing is another strategic place where you can add a carpet. This can make the entrance feel a lot more welcoming. Oftentimes, hallways and landings tend to be the most neglected area of the house. However, by paying just a little attention, you can bring these spaces alive. The type of rugs you use in the hallways will also, to some degree, determine the ambience of the house. So, make sure you select the rugs appropriately. It also important to get them in the right cut and size or space can end up looking untended.


The bedroom is where you walk barefoot a lot. Therefore, it is one of the best places to put in a rug. Options such as deep pile rugs, shaggy textures are the best for bedrooms. They will also add a lot more warmth to the room, especially during the cold months. You will not have to dread walking on the chilly floor as soon as you get out of the bed.


Conservatories do not always come to your mind when you think of adding rugs to your interior. However, there are also rugs available for outdoor use such as patios and conservatories. These are relatively easier to clean and do a great job of beautifying the setting. You can pick interesting prints and colours so as to add more warmth to space.


You may not be very positive about the prospects of adding a rug to your kitchen. It is the one place that stays moist half the time. In addition to that, there is always a chance of dropping crumbs and food items. However, you should note that the kitchen is also the place where you spend a good amount of time. Therefore, it would not really hurt to upgrade this area. You can choose the fabric that is easier to maintain and clean, for example, synthetic fabrics with short piles.

Rug Designs

One of the best things about rugs is that you can choose from an amazingly large number of choices. Each type of rug will lend a different atmosphere to the room. When it comes to the design, there are mainly two categories – the traditional and the modern.

Traditional Rugs

Most often, traditional rugs come in very intricate patterns and rich shades. These rugs are highly detailed and immediately give an antique feel to the room. The inspiration for traditional rugs is usually taken from oriental and Persian styles. These rugs can feel very luxurious, especially when added to the parlours. They never go out of style. Instead, they have a timeless appeal and can easily suit any modern house.

Traditional Persian rugs usually have patterns such as flowers and delicate motifs, together with a border in contrasting colours. In any case, they are very delicate to look at. Oriental rugs, too, come in rich colours such as green, deep red, beige, cream, neutral, and so on. If placed correctly, the rug can add a great amount of sophistication and can itself act as the centrepiece of attention in the room. At the same time, they also protect your flooring, especially if it is made out of wood.

Modern Rugs

Modern Rugs are those that feature abstract shapes, floral patterns, bold designs, stripes, geometric patterns and so on. They are available in plenty of different designs and textures. These rugs also offer a wider scope when it comes to colours. You can either go for downright bold ones or choose from the minimalist patterns, depending on the type of look you want to create. You can also play it safe by choosing monochromes in neutral colours. This will also make it easier for you to play around with the décor.

Modern Rugs can grace any décor. However, they are more suited for homes styled in a contemporary theme. They are also a great way of adding vibrancy and fresh look to traditionally styled houses. The other benefit of using modern rugs is that they are much more versatile as compared to the traditional rugs. Whether it is the stripes, swirls, intricate patterns or monoblocks, you are always covered.

Rug Materials

Rugs are available in a variety of materials, synthetic as well as natural. The material used determines the feel, softness, durability, ease of maintenance as well as the pricing. Given below are the different materials used in making rugs.


Woollen rugs are very soft and luxurious. They also have a high resistance to wear and tear and retain their original shape for a very long period of time. They are available in both natural as well as matte finish. Woollen rugs are naturally more appealing than the synthetic ones. They also help in maintaining humidity and temperature inside the room. They absorb moisture from the air, thereby keeping the room from getting too humid. If there is any pressure mark left from the furniture, they disappear completely when moistened.

There are even subcategories within the woollen carpets depending on the type of wool used. The most common ones are those made from the wool of Alpacas, Mohairs, and Angoras. However, those made with Argentine and New Zealand wool are considered to be the best. It is always more advisable to go for high-quality wool as these last for a considerable period of time. However, it should also be noted that woollen rugs also require a lot of tending. They are much more difficult to maintain as compared to other materials.


The manufacturing process of silk rugs requires a lot of careful handling. Therefore, they tend to be much more expensive compared to the other types of rugs. They were first produced in China, as early as 27th century BC. Due to their natural lustre, silk rugs look highly elegant and luxurious. At the same time, they also feel very soft. Silk rugs are also quite strong and last for a very long period of time without losing vibrancy of colour or shape. The other benefit is that these rugs are resistant to fungus, mould, and mildew. They are also well suited for people with allergies. As silk is highly expensive, it is often blended with other fabric such as wool.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are much cheaper as compared to both silk and wool. Therefore, they are also the most commonly used ones. They do not shed like wool and also need a lot less maintenance. However, they do not offer an equal amount of lasting. Cotton rugs can also be machine washed, which makes them easy to maintain. Furthermore, they are highly versatile and can be used in a number of different places including the living spaces, kitchens, lounge or just about anywhere.

Other natural fibres

You can also find rugs in other natural fibres such as sisal, jute, seagrass, and bamboo. These fibres are mostly available in braid design and flatweave. They are eco-friendly as well as affordable. Due to their texture, they also feel very smooth under your feet.

Synthetic materials

The most commonly used synthetics for rugs include polyester, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, and viscose. These are most appropriate to be used in high traffic areas or the areas that generally remain damp. These rugs as water resistant, stain resistant, highly durable and also very easy to clean.


The weave used in the rug determines how it feels under your feet and also how long it is going to last. Given below are the different types of weaves used in rugs.


Hand-knotted rugs are made in looms and have yarn columns that are also known as the warps. You may also have tufts tied around the warps so as to create a deeper pile. These types of rugs very labour-intensive and can take more than a year to get completed. As a result, they are also very expensive. However, these rugs are highly durable and can last for generations.


These rugs have a fabric base into which yarns are pushed so as to create tufts. These tufts are kept in place by using glue. As a result, they have a very dense surface and plush texture. Hooked and Tufted Rugs are made using the same procedure, except that in hooked rugs, the yarns are left long.

Braided Rugs

Braided Rugs are made using a number of different braid techniques such as flat braid, banded braid, cloth braid and yarn braid construct. These are very thick and also feel very luxurious. Most often, braided rugs are made of 100% wool.

Flat Woven

In these rugs, the yarns are very tight so that the resulting structure is flat and free from knots. These rugs are also reversible and are best suited to wooden floors.

Machine made Rugs

Machine made rugs may be the most popular as they are made in power looms and have a very fast production period. Such rugs usually come in elaborate patterns, reasonable quality, and affordable prices.


The correct size for the rug is determined by the dimension of the room as well as the furniture arrangement. If you do not want the rug to cover the entire floor, you can place them in the centre of the room. If you want to place it under furniture such as coffee table, make sure that all the four legs rest on the rug. The purpose of a rug is to make your space look more tailored and neat. So always make sure that you get the measurements right.


A rug can do a lot in determining the comfort and feel of your house. However, you should also make sure that you are taking care of it the right way. Get a vacuum cleaner or a carpet sweeper for easier maintenance. Also, make sure that you are well informed about the proper care and maintenance for the rug. If required, use an underlay to elongate the lifespan of the carpet.

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