Simba Hybrid Mattress Review UK 2019

The mail-order mattress business has really taken off in the last five years, and there are now a number of mattress manufacturers seeking to bypass traditional brick-and-mortar showroom sales in favour of direct sales via the internet.  These mattresses are tightly-rolled for shipping and shipped directly to customers in packages small and light enough for a single person to carry, also eliminating the inconvenience of having to schedule delivery or coordinate help loading and unloading an ungainly and heavy load into a house or apartment.

The convenience factor is huge, and purchasing a mattress via the internet can help to avert numerous frustrations, particularly for young people and renters without a great deal of free time to visit a showroom and organize transportation. But for many, a visit to a showroom is a guarantee that the mattress they’re buying is the mattress they want.  After all, it’s impossible to re-pack an unrolled mattress and ship it back, and not all manufacturers offer the same guarantees.

Simba Mattress Review

Simba Mattress Review

While the conventional wisdom of brick-and-mortar stores’ advertising leans heavily on old refrains about how much care needs to be taken to find the perfect mattress, manufacturers like Simba have taken an alternate tack, producing a highly adaptable mattress that makes use of the latest materials to produce a mattress that will accommodate all types of sleepers.  It is worth noting that Simba has been in the business for almost 40 years as a textile manufacturer; they have been suppliers to many international mattress builders for decades longer than some of their competitors have existed.  The Simba Hybrid mattress series is the product of this experience, and there is a marked difference in its finish and quality versus that of many other manufacturers in its market segment.

The Simba Hybrid is made up of five individual layers: the first is a hypoallergenic top layer, designed for airflow and allowing the mattress to breathe.  The second layer from the top is 40mm of a proprietary synthetic latex, Simbatex, which prevents heat from becoming trapped in the outer layers of the mattress.  Beneath this is a layer of 2500 conical-shaped springs, providing fine-tuned support for all types of sleepers and sleeping positions.  These springs are supported by a layer of memory foam, and this, in turn, rests on a thick supportive foam base.  If this sounds needlessly complicated, it’s not – the Simba Hybrid is just that, a hybrid of the best available technologies.

Technologically Advanced Mattress

Simba’s international competitors in the mail-order mattress segment – Endy or Casper, to name a couple – are largely entrepreneur-driven startups targeting a young demographic for whom a large part of the draw is convenience.  Although they’ve spared countless young people the experience of taking public transit to a showroom and fending off aggressive salespeople, very few if any of Simba’s competitors can claim to be bona fide experts in the business of mattress-making.  If this is a hindrance to the widespread adoption of the mail-order model or a hang-up for potential customers, Simba’s design is intended to establish confidence in not only their brand but in the market itself.

Simba boasts the only easily-shippable mattress that combines layers of supportive foam and memory foam with a well-supported layer of springs designed to offer the best of both designs.  Many back pain sufferers have reported positive results, and the Hybrid is by far superior to a roll-packed spring mattress the likes of which you might find at a certain Scandinavian big-box retailer.  While customers have reported that the mattress is too warm, these reports are few and far between, and all things considered I did not have this experience.  The Hybrid mattress will need to settle and air out after shipping – many reviewers report that the mattress retains the smell of the new materials for a couple of days after unpacking – but Simba reports no harmful materials (ozone, flame retardants, heavy metals, e.g., mercury or lead) are used in their manufacture. The foam components of the mattress are certified by CertiPUR, guaranteeing that they are free of the same list of contaminants, including formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.

Hybrid is the Future

The idea of a hybrid mattress may not be new, but it is very well-executed in the Simba Hybrid – the mattress is well-appointed, carefully stitched and uniformly responsive to the different pressures applied by different sleeping positions.  Additionally, Simba provides a significant amount of detail on the materials used and the mattress’ construction, down to the size of the springs and the characteristics of the different layers of foam.  For first-time buyers hesitant to spend their money on a mattress that they haven’t had a chance to try out, a great deal of information is available, and the Simba is also offered in many brick-and-mortar stores.  Unlike Endy or Casper, it is entirely possible to try the Hybrid before you invest in it.

The Simba Hybrid mattress is extremely comfortable – even as a showroom model, it would far exceed what you might expect from an economy-priced mattress.  At a low-cost starting price, it’s significantly cheaper than many mattresses of equal quality and manufacture. In a market segment full of heavy foam slabs whose chief advantage is ease of access, the Hybrid stands out as the first genuinely luxurious mattress whose manufacturer was already invested heavily in the sleep products industry.  Overall, I expect that more manufacturers will follow suit and re-examine their offerings. Simba’s foray into the mail order segment marks the first luxury offering in a market already well-represented by new players’ frugal mattress options.

Simba The Hybrid Mattress, UK Double 135 x 190 cm, Engineered for Optimal...
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Simba The Hybrid Mattress, UK Double 135 x 190 cm, Engineered for Optimal...
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In addition to a 10-year guarantee on materials and workmanship, Simba offers a 100-night guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the mattress, Simba will offer you a full refund and have a courier collect the mattress from your home; the mattress doesn’t need to be kept in a plastic cover for the duration of the 100 days and mattresses that have been slept on are accepted in the terms of Simba’s guarantee.  All in all, Simba has done a significant amount of work to take the risk out of purchasing a mattress online. It will be interesting to see what offerings their competitors come up with to match Simba’s offering.

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