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It is important to stay fit by exercising regularly. It keeps our bodies healthy and our physique in tip top condition. Sometimes, you may want to achieve fitness results that are above average. For this purpose, you can turn to the Focus T25 program. This a DVD workout series that is developed by Shaun T. He created the immensely popular and effective Insanity workout series. The T25 program is new and targets all the muscle groups in your body. In doing so, it is similar to Insanity.

However, it accomplishes something that other programs do not. T25 packs a full body routine into 25 minutes. You can perform the T25 workout once every day and achieve amazing results over time. The T25 workout routine is designed for people who have very busy schedules. They often say to themselves that they cannot work out because they have too much to do during the day and lack the time. Shaun T created T25 for such as these. The routine is able to pack the intensity of an hour’s worth of fitness into 25 minutes. The T25 pushes you very hard, possibly even harder than an hour-long workout. There are many positive t25 reviews online. Read on to learn something new about it.

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T25 Reviews: Who is Shaun T?

Shaun T is the creator of T25. He is also known for having created the Insanity workout, Hip Hop Abs program and the Insanity Asylum Workout Series. He earned a degree in sports science and also minored in dance and theatre. Therefore, in addition to being a trainer, he is a dancer and choreographer with many years of experience under his belt. As such, he understands fitness and movement in depth. Legend has it that Shaun T created the Focus T25 specially for Carl Daikeler who is the CEO of Beachbody. The objective was to ensure tip top fitness for people who have busy schedules.

T25 Reviews: What exactly is T25?

According to research, 30 minutes of intense exercise can burn just as much fat as hour-long workouts. Therefore, T25 gives you the results you would get from workouts that are twice as long. The program is based on the principle of Focus Interval Training. It is a full body workout with no rest in between sets. This one covers every single muscle in your body. It is a short, sweaty routine that takes you through a hard 25 minutes but once you are done your results will be amazing. Every workout in T25 includes a version which is modified so that anyone, of any age and at any level of fitness can do. This workout routine is divided into 2 major sections. These are the Alpha and Beta Cycles. Read on to discover more about what is contained within them. What is contained in the Alpha Cycle of the T25 routine? This is the foundation phase of this workout from Shaun T. It lasts for 5 weeks and contains 5 different workouts that you can engage in. They include:

  • Cardio workouts
  • Lower body focus
  • Full body workout
  • Stretching
  • Speed 1.0

The cardio phase of this cycle works out your heart. This is a major muscle in our bodies and is responsible for circulation. Shaun T takes you through a total of 25 minutes of sweaty, intensive cardiovascular fitness in the Alpha Cycle of the T25 workout routine.

You can achieve much more pronounced fat loss if you drop the pounds from your lower body. Thus, you are able to focus on the muscles in your legs, hips and butt while going through the T25 workout routine. This helps you to tone them and drop weight by losing fat. A full body workout is achieved in the T25 workout routine. You are able to improve your personal strength through resistance training in the Alpha Cycle. The best thing about it is that you can accomplish that without lifting any weights at all. Stretching is a very important part of any workout routine. It gets your muscles warmed up and joints ready for intense exercise. In T25, you stretch alongside Shaun T before and after your workouts. Speed is an essential part of performing a high intensity workout in only 25 minutes.

Performing your workouts at a lightning fast pace also helps you to lose as much fat as possible. Hence, it is a major part of the Alpha Cycle in the T25 workout routine. What is contained in the Beta Cycle of the T25 workout routine? Once you complete the Alpha Cycle, you move on to the Beta Cycle. This one builds upon the foundation that you have already created. The Beta Cycle contains:

  • Core cardio workouts
  • The Rip’t Circuit
  • Dynamic core exercises
  • Upper focus
  • Speed 2.0

The core cardio workouts make your heart stronger. They also help you to lose fat and get shredded muscles much faster. It builds upon the cardio work that you did in the Alpha cycle. The Rip’t circuit was created by Shaun T to help you get every single muscle in your body taut and pronounced. It helps you to build perfect musculature for your age and fitness level. This one works on your heart, pectoral muscles, legs and abdominal muscles in rapid repetitions. The core part of the body is a major factor in achieving full-body fitness. This one is made up of your upper body, your abdominal muscles and your thighs. Shaun utilizes vertical and horizontal exercises to help you tone your core and make it rock hard in the Beta Cycle. The upper body is essential in developing a fit figure. By helping you build and tone your shoulders, chest, arms and abs, Shaun shows you how to create the upper body that you dream of. All the fitness movements and exercises within the T25 workout routines are performed at scorching speed. The objective of doing this is to burn calories and develop stamina. In the Beta cycle, everything is turned up a notch. Therefore, you perform every routine faster and with more intensity.

T25 Reviews: Conclusion

When you complete the Alpha and Beta cycles of the T25 workout, you will have the fitness characteristics of your favorite superhero. When you buy it, you will get a total of 10 workouts covering the Alpha and Beta Cycles as well as a bonus workout to lock in the benefits of the Beta Cycle. You also get a T25 nutrition guide and a calendar to help you stay on track. As a gift to you, Shaun T provides a resistance band weighing 15 pounds in the package. This is a great substitute for dumbbells. Last but not least, there is a quick start guide to help you get accustomed to the T25 workout routine before you begin. Shaun T has impressed the world of fitness with the effectiveness of Insanity. He has done the same with T25 and you can experience the amazing results by investing in this program.

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