Tai Cheng Review: 21st Century Tai Chi

You might be one of those people that loves to work up a sweat with high impact interval training, maybe you attend spinning classes and then relax with a spot of Yoga, maybe you’d like to try something a bit different like Tai Chi? Before we dive into the Tai Cheng Review, let’s take a minute to look into the Tai Chi, which Tai Cheng is based upon. Tai Chi is a low impact exercise based on a series of movements and stretches which has been practised in China for hundreds if not thousands of years. It’s a great way to relax, improve circulation and refocus your thoughts. It’s been proven that Tai Chi can improve stress levels, burn fat, improve balance and increase overall energy levels. You may not think it but it can also increase strength.

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Tai Cheng Review – How does Tai Cheng Differ?

We’ll get to the Tai Cheng review shortly, but before that, let’s answer an important question, what’s the difference between Tai Cheng and Tai Chi? The Tai Cheng workout was created by Dr. Mark Cheng, who is a well-known Tai Chi master and sports physician. Dr. Cheng wanted to create a workout based on Tai Chi, which also incorporated modern sports medicine insights in order to create a better and more valuable workout. The end result was Tai Cheng, a modern twist on a classic workout.

Tai Cheng Review

I chose to review the Tai Cheng workout as I wanted to know about the suitability of Tai Cheng for seniors. My parents are now getting on a bit and are perhaps not as active as they used to be, but they still wanted to keep mobile and independent. I believe keeping physically active helps a great deal in keeping mentally active, especially when approaching twilight years. So can Tai Cheng be used by seniors? The answer is yes, but with a couple of caveats which I’ll go to later in the review of Tai Cheng. The Tai Cheng workout comes in two flavours, the basic set and the master set.

The basic set is undoubtedly sufficient for most users, and comes with a set of 12 DVDs, a fitness instruction guide, a calendar to plan and track workouts, a foam roller to work out all the kinks and massage muscles, a guide to optimal nutrition and a VIP membership to Team Beachbody Club (I doubt my parents would use the membership). The Tai Cheng master kit comes with all of the above as well as weighted workout gloves, another type of foam roller called the rumble roller (think more pokey bits), a set of resistance bands and an additional DVD which teaches the user Qi Gong, which is basically breathing exercises. If I had to choose a Tai Cheng kit I would pick the basic set over the Master kit, if I felt I needed weighted workout gloves or resistance bands at a later date these are easily purchased for very little money.

Does Tai Cheng Work?

The Tai Cheng workout is essentially split into two main parts. The first part consists of the first nine DVDs and is used to teach the proper form for Tai Chi movements. Each of the first nine DVDs will focus on two movements, going over the form very precisely and ensuring the participants are able to execute the movements until they become second nature. You might think that having a DVD exclusively focused on two movements would be boring, but that’s not actually true. Dr. Cheng is engaging throughout and he helps explain the reason for the move and how it’s benefiting your body, it’s all very interesting and gives you something to focus on while performing the movements.

The last three DVDs of the set work to bring everything you’ve already learnt together into a Tai Cheng workout routine. The workouts will burn fat, improve balance, build strength and help focus the mind. The remaining items which come with DVDs emphasise the points made on the DVD, or are there to promote a healthy lifestyle. For example, the fitness manual is a bit of a spiritual guide, providing insights into the correct form and providing tips on how best to maximise the results gained from the workouts. The nutritional information ensures you’re eating the right food and putting the right type of fuel in your body to power your workouts. The foam roller treats the inevitable muscle aches and pains meaning you’re fighting fit for the next workout.

How did I find the Tai Cheng workout?

Overall I was pleasantly surprised when working on this Tai Cheng review. If goes without saying that it’s unlikely you’ll be working up a sweat performing these workouts, but I felt pleasantly tired after each routine. There’s definitely a skill involved in performing the moves and some of them are quite tiring in their own way, I ended up working out muscles that I didn’t know existed. I don’t think the Tai Cheng workout will replace my existing routines and schedules, but I’ll probably use it to supplement what I already do. Why not spend a few minutes in contemplation and stretching, it’ll probably help my overall fitness and well being.

What’s good about Tai Cheng?

Tai Cheng is based on an ancient and well-established form of martial art called Tai Chi, it has an established history of improving flexibility, increasing strength and providing mental clarity. As it’s a low impact workout, Tai Cheng is great for people of all ages, from seniors to fitness fanatics in the prime of their lives. We’ve already covered in the Tai Cheng review, the workout is provided as a set of DVDs, which means you can work out from home whenever you want, without fear of embarrassing yourself or worrying about what other people think.

As long as you don’t mind the dog judging you! The DVDs are good quality and Dr. Cheng does a great job of keeping the sessions interesting, engaging and informative. You’ll not feel left out or unsure of what you should be doing as you’re guided through everything. What’s not so good about Tai Cheng? As you’re working out from home you may miss the comradery and motivation that comes with performing exercises with a group, this is, of course, a very personal preference, so you might not care. The workout isn’t for those that want a serious workout or don’t feel satisfied unless they’re drenched in sweat, but that’s not to say it’s not effective. With consistent use, the right diet and regular use you’ll no doubt be able to lose weight, improve flexibility and feel great.

Would I recommend Tai Cheng?

Having spent the last few weeks working on the Tai Cheng review I’ve come to the realisation that’s it’s not necessary to make every workout exhausting, sometimes performing something fun and relaxing can be far more beneficial. I would therefore definitely give the Tai Cheng workout big thumbs up!

Where to buy the Tai Cheng workout?

There are a couple of options when it comes to buying the Tai Cheng workout, we can either buy it directly from Beach Body or we can go to a retailer such as Amazon. If you prefer to buy directly from Beach Body you click here to buy. If you’re an Amazon junky then you can click here to buy. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be sure to enjoy you Tai Cheng workouts.

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