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Wall art from Tick Rater is a great way to reinvigorate your home without having to spend a fortune on redecoration and Tick Rater has a large and diverse range of options for you to choose from, from hand-painted canvas to wall stickers and everything in between.  The artwork is the ideal addition to every room in your house, so try easy to install decals in your child bedroom for the perfect Start Wars look, add hand-painted framed art to your living room, and vintage posters to your kitchen.  We have an incredible amount of options to suit every style and budget, so whether you’re looking for a budget wall sticker that you can change every couple of years or an original painting which you can treasure for a lifetime and treasure for a lifetime, we have something which will make you go wow.

Wall Stickers from Tick Rater: Wall stickers are a contemporary, flexible and value for money option for your home decorating.  One of the defining features of wall stickers is that they can if you want to be very sizeable, allowing you to fill a feature wall as a fantastic alternative to wallpaper. Vinyl wall stickers from Tick Rater allow for a vast range of styles and designs and are often far more detailed than wallpaper. Additionally, they are also far easier and less time consuming than applying wallpaper.  Fantastic for living rooms, nurseries, bathrooms and bedrooms, wall stickers can add a dynamic, modern and personalised look to your home.  These stickers are the perfect addition to any child’s room due to their easy application and a huge range of fun and vibrant designs. Tick Rater’s diverse selection of children’s wall stickers, containing captivating enchanted worlds, adorable woodland animals and even characters from their favourite TV shows or Films.

Posters from Tick Rater: Posters are a convenient and fun way to change the scenery in any room. They’re an attractive option if you’re on a budget and you don’t want to commit to a wall sticker.  Tick Rater stocks a variety of poster designs, from humorous quotes and typography, or vintage travel or film posters from bygone years.  Some of our vintage styled posters are modern day pieces of art, featuring both classic designs and legendary popular images which can stand by themselves as pieces of art, making them great options to be framed and the start of a sophisticated and modern art collection for your home.

Metal Art from Tick Rater: Metal Art offers a way to display some of your personality or sense of style through meticulously crafted and stylised pieces of art.  The homely metallic colours and provocative designs can provide a warming and unique artistic quality piece of metallic art from Tick Rater.  If you want a one of kind piece of art which will stand out and become a centrepiece on your wall, inspiring awe and becoming a talking point, then choose an abstract metal art design.

Canvas Art from Tick Rater: Immediately create an air of sophisticated discernment to your home with a piece of canvas art from Tick Rater.  Create the elegance and wonder of an art gallery in your front room by choosing a canvas print or handmade painting.  Whether you’d rather choose a painted landscape or a famous cityscape, canvas art is a brilliant way to bring some joy to a room, allowing you to express your own personality on your walls.  With Tick Rater’s large selection of designs, price ranges, sizes, buying fantastic pieces of canvas artwork is easy with Tick Rater.

Artwork from Tick Rater: We’ve done our best to provide a brief introduction to the numerous types of art available.  When it comes to choosing the perfect piece of art, the decision is all down to you.  Art is, of course, a very subjective subject, while one individual may love a piece of abstract art and it’s fun vibrancy, another person might think it’s just a random mess of colours and shapes. Choose the art that is right for you and only you! It might go without saying, but consider art which might compliment your existing decor, but the main points to consider are does the art inspire you?  If you want to get a sense of what styles you like, consider visiting local art galleries to see what appeals to you.  Once you know what sort of art you’d like, Tick Rater is here to provide you with a range of artwork online for any style and budget.

Vintage Posters from Tick Rater: Add a spot of the nostalgic to any room with a vintage poster from Tick Rater. Our range of vintage posters is faithfully recreated on hardwearing modern materials, ensuring a lifetime of use and worry-free installation.

Star Wars Canvas from Tick Rater: Switch up the style of a room and add a splash of the fantastic with a star wars canvas art. With the Tick Rater collection of Star Wars Canvas art, you can quickly and easily get into the spirit of the films by adding some of the pivotal characters, locations and scenes from the legendary films. Every fan of the universe regardless of their age is sure to delight in the Tick Rater collection of Star Wars canvas prints and art. The range consists of recreated original cinema posters, portraits of the characters, iconic locations and stills from the films. The lightsabre duel between Luke and Darth Vader, or C-3PO and R2-D2 roaming the desert of Tatooine can forever be remembered on a bedroom wall. Every piece has been chosen to spark the imagination. Regardless if you decide to hang the art in a kids bedroom, in a gaming room or next to the TV, the Tick Rater Star Wars canvas art will instantly transfer you to a Galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Wall Stickers from Tick Rater: Our quick and easy to apply Star Wars Wall Stickers can bring the far away Galaxy that bit closer. With the Tick Rater collection of Star Wars Wall Stickers, you can dress up a plain boring bedroom wall, or even give a memorable gift to a loved one. All wall stickers from Tick Rater are removable, reusable and repositionable. They can be applied to almost any smooth surface without risk of damage or leaving behind unsightly residue. So whether you’re looking to display your allegiance to the rebel cause, bathe in the glory of the death star or merely have R2-D2 as a consistent companion, then a Star Wars Wall Sticker is the way to go.

Star Wars Posters from Tick Rater: The Star Wars franchise has produced many iconic posters in the drive up to a cinema release which are often works of art in their right. Save these pieces for posterity with a Star Wars Poster from Tick Rater. Posters are printed on silk to ensure a lifetime of use and vibrant colours. Choose from many seminal and original works of art. There is no reason not to embrace your inner Jedi or Sith.

Minecraft Canvas from Tick Rater: Minecraft has become something of a cultural phenomenon with many adults and children alike with many spending countless hours creating and exploring Minecraft’s endless open worlds. For the diehard Minecraft fans we’ve created a range of vibrant and fun canvas prints, it’s the perfect gift for anyone that’s Minecraft mad. So if you’re considering doing up your gaming room, the kid’s bedrooms or any other room with a Minecraft theme then you’ll need a Minecraft canvas to complete the look.

Minecraft Wall Stickers from Tick Rater: A Minecraft wall sticker is the perfect choice for anyone that wants an inexpensive, easy to use option for adding a piece of their favourite game to a bedroom, living room or gaming room. These decals are quick to put up, long lasting and just as easily removed with no residue or damage to the wall. The Minecraft fan in your life will surely appreciate a wall sticker which exemplifies Minecraft open worlds and fun mechanics.

Featured art by Steve Johnson http://artbystevej.com/

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