How to Use Wall Murals to Decorate

Wall murals are the perfect antidote to a room that has become completely boring, bland and well, underwhelming. Maybe it’s because you haven’t changed up its look in a while, or because its look was never quite “perfect” in the first place, but regardless, you can never go too far wrong when it comes to sprucing up a room with a wall mural.

Wall murals can achieve a plethora of atmospheres and moods, regardless of the kind of look you want to achieve for the room/s in mind. They are especially good if your room is lacking a bit of vibrancy or variety because you can get them in all manner of hues, from vivid to more subdued, and in any shape conceivable, which means they are great for walls both small and large. And of course, murals can be as intricate or as simplistic as you see fit.

Wall Murals

If you haven’t got any particular vision in mind and are flexible about what you want to achieve, you could consider looking at ready-made (already designed) murals and going with one that caught your eye or that suits a theme or colour scheme you already have in mind. Alternatively, you can invest in a custom-made mural that is tailored exactly to your specifications and your room/s and is much more personal to you. With this latter option, you will have more freedom in terms of the dimensions of the mural as well as its shape and the particular hues that are incorporated into it. Murals can range from chic to minimalist, to abstract and whichever style you have a keen eye for!

Ages Stone Wall Mural

By no means must a mural be a nice and uniform square or rectangle – it could be a cloud, a staircase, a tree or maybe just a bunch of dots! Perhaps it’s a map of a place close to your heart or a place you’ve always longed to go. All in all, the sky is definitely the limit.

Murals can help in achieving a truly stunning accent wall – whilst most of us might be used to painting one wall in the room a bold colour for dramatic effect, it’s worth noting that it need not always be bold paint that you use, a bold mural could be just as effective when trying to accentuate an accent wall. Think watercolour murals or floral prints – floral design has gotten a bad rep in recent times for being too predictable, but the right mural can make anything you like into a true work of art. More retro and antique art is gaining traction within the interior design world; hushed hues and weathered textures are becoming a common sight within homes and offices. Pop art, in particular, is something that would mesh well with a wall mural – it is famously eye-catching and colourful and therefore perfectly suited to an accent wall.

Modern Wall Murals

Vintage drawings and posters would also complement a bare wall with any kind of neutral tone, not to mention they are full of character and sure to be a conversation starter! Vintage art blends well with a variety of themes, so even if you have a sudden change of mind it is likely that a vintage mural will still fit nicely within a different setting, particularly if the mural is in more neutral tones i.e. entirely black and white. Think typography – especially because of the variety of fonts and textures offered. Your favourite quote/s as a wall mural is usually a safe bet! After all, what’s a home if does not have any personal meaning to you? Murals can also be used to give the illusion of an exotic texture to your walls, such as marble, or brick. Walls made from materials like these are more costly, so wall murals allow you to achieve a similar effect without the major investment of money and time.

City Wall Mural

It’s often wise to assume before you opt for any kind of wall mural that it is likely to be the statement piece of whichever room it graces, especially if it is rather large in size. Therefore consider before you buy whether the mural is appropriate for the theme the room already has, for you do not want a mural that is bold but too bold, and therefore ends up clashing with the other elements of the room and becoming a bit of an eyesore. Murals thrive in kitchens/diners and living rooms as these are popular congregational areas when spending time with family or entertaining guests. If you invest in murals for both rooms that share a focal point it makes for a pleasant transition from one room to another, as they tend to be in close proximity. Murals in your kitchen/diner can give the look of a professional and chic kitchen so that you can look the part even if you aren’t quite the part! Murals in kitchens tend to occupy the theme of cooking, food and family, as one might have guessed.

You can also opt for a more “natural” theme – i.e. plants, herbs and other greenery, which can invigorate many a tired room. Murals can add a homely and comfortable feel to a room that is sometimes neglected in favour of sprucing up the living room and bedrooms. Bathrooms are also a good shout when it comes to wall murals, as they can offer some pleasant scenery if you lack a view (or don’t want one if it compromises privacy!), or if the room is a little tight. A mural with lighter tones will also give the illusion of a more spacious bathroom. When it comes to bedrooms, directly above your bed (maybe in place of the headrest) is usually a great spot for a mural. By keeping the rest of the interior rather neutral and minimalist, you can allow your mural to truly steal the show. Murals are also handy for dressing up awkward empty spaces and walls in your house, such as by the staircase or over and under cabinets.

As you can see, a mural can be almost anything you want it to be, and do what you want it to do! If you’ve been out of ideas when it comes to what to choose as a statement piece, then murals could definitely be the answer for you!

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