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Who is Youtuber, Minks4All? Wiki Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth

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Unboxing videos have become very popular lately. It seems that Internet users enjoy watching strange people open their packages and describing what is in them with some excitement. Minks4all does this with designer bags, and her name is known among women who love fashion and luxury items. This lady has combined her love for expensive accessories and good earnings from social networks.


Who Is Minks4All?

Minks4All – or Minerva Duron, maiden name Ruiz and nickname Minnie – was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on 12 November 1983, in Wildomar, Riverside County, California, USA, and she currently lives in Murrieta, California. Minks’ father Jose Luis is a Mexican, but she has American citizenship. She has two younger brothers from her father’s side, Alberto and Luis, but it seems she is not so close to them.

Minks4All Physical Characteristics

According to her photos, Minks is petite, maybe about 5ft tall, has olive complexion, black hair, and brown eyes. She doesn’t like to experiment with her look, but she often changes her hair color, adding highlights. At the beginning of the career, Minx was chubby, but her followers noticed that she lost some weight in 201, actually because of gallbladder surgery she had.


Minks4All Love Life

Minks4All’s love life is not a mystery. She’s been married to 39-year-old Robert Duron for 11 years, since 18 August 2007. Minks often reveals something about her private life – she even hosted her husband (dressed as Santa) in one of her videos. The two of them don’t have kids, but they have a dog named Edward Fillip whom they adore, and Minks sometimes publishes his pictures on Instagram.

Minks4All Career and Net Worth

Unboxing videos have many views, especially if people who are experts in something are doing them. Minks4All is another young person who has found her place under the ‘sun’ of social networks. Her profession could be described as a YouTube reviewer of designer items, usually handbags. She’s also active on Instagram, where more than 100,000 people follow her.

Since her twenties, before she became a popular Internet star, Minks’ worked in several retail stores. In June 2013, Minks4All launched her channel and uploaded the first video called “Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Azur MM.” It seems that this brand’s pieces are Minks’ big obsession, since most of her videos are about them.

Minks4All is one of the luxury YouTubers whose reviews have attracted several million views. She regularly adds fresh content, which her followers and subscribers consider very helpful. In her videos, Minks4All makes detailed reviews of designer’s handbags, clutches, wallets, shoes, and other accessories. She provides useful information on dimensions, materials, and tips on how to fit it with the rest of your outfit.

Minks4All Earnings and Net Worth

Sometimes it happens that people criticise this girl because of her way of life, but Minks4All has learned how to deal with it. Minks4All said she looks at her luxury handbags as good investments, which leads to the conclusion that she re-sells them. She probably has buyers for her luxury items, and sells them after she’s recorded her review videos about them. Handbags of well-known labels costing several thousand dollars usually do not lose their value (at least not much), so this is a good way for Minks to earn a living.

Currently, it seems Minks quit her retail job and is now devoted to YouTube as her primary source of revenue; she probably has a deal with some of the brands whose items she promotes. Bags that she comments on in her videos still have protective stickers, and her followers assume that this is because Minks will sell them.

Many think that most of the accessories she shows are not hers, although there are indications that Minks4All spent…

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